Life As We Know It (2010)


“Sweetie, you have poo on your face.” That’s how I would like to describe Life As We Know It.

After they go on a first date that doesn’t work out, two people who happen to be the godparents to a little girl are named guardians of a baby girl. So they live in the same house and try to raise the little turd machine as their own. Magical. This is a Katherine Heigl movie, so I’m betting it’s a romantic comedy. Only it’s not funny and the only romance will be with the teenagers in the crowd who only took their girlfriends to this crap fest to get to second base. Oh, and she gets poo on her face! Hilarious.


The Scoop

The real scoop you should focus on is that Life As We Know It is directed by the same guy who wrote the upcoming Green Lantern film. Which I now know is going to suck major nuts. But don’t worry, he’s had a lot of other directing experience, such as that one film he made. Ten years ago. That had Dean Cain in it.

Who’s It For?

Without even looking… PG-13. And I was right.

Movie Release Date

October 8, 2010.

Who’s In It?

Katherine Heigl … Holly Berenson
Josh Duhamel … Eric Messer
Christina Hendricks … Alison Novack
Josh Lucas … Sam
Jessica St. Clair … Beth
Jean Smart … Helen Berenson

Interesting Fact

Katherine Heigl’s a big stuck up beyotch. Big cans though.

Related Movies

Killers, The Ugly Truth, 27 Dresses

What’s Good About It?

Josh Duhamel is like, so dreamy. Wrong. This movie is going to suck. I did like it when he dropped the baby. That happens all the time.

What’s Bad About It?

Director. Lead female. Christina Hendricks dies early on, depriving us of more huge chesticles on screen. Romantic comedy WITH a baby, and people dieing early on.

Our Clever Prediction

I would rather get actual poo on my face than see this. Looking back at my comment on The Other Guys, I’ve decided that this is actually the film that craps inside my brain. I hate Katherine Heigl.

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