Leo Tolstoy: Genius Alive (2011)


Leo Tolstoy: Genius Alive is new documentary taking footage that is over 100 years old of Leo Tolstoy and showcasing a brand new (sort of) interview!

Using software analysis and restored footage, the producers of the film have been able to discern what Tolstoy was saying in the footage. No details have yet emerged as to what was said in the interview or how much footage was really recovered, but it should show some insight into the life of one of the greatest authors of all time.


No trailer yet.

The Scoop

All I can really figure out is that the film is being produced by Andrey Deryabin, who also produced last years The Last Station, which was a film about the last days of Tolstoy.

Who’s It For?


It’s a documentary! Who knows. Probably G.

Movie Release Date

TBA November, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Um… Leo Tolstoy.

Interesting Fact

2010 is the 100 year anniversary of Tolstoy’s death.

Related Movies

The Last Station, Anna Karenina, War and Peace,

What’s Good About It?

I’m a huge fan of Tolstoy, I’m currently reading Anna Karenina, which I’ve enjoyed a few times before, and considering that he’s considered the greatest novelist of all time, with (I think it was) Newsweek or Time ranking War and Peace as the greatest novel ever. So, this should be awesome.

What’s Bad About It?

Of course, it is a documentary, meaning BORING. And I don’t know what the topic of the interview is. If it’s an interview where Tolstoy gives some insight into his life, then I’m excited. If it’s about his toilet habits, then I’m REALLY excited.

Our Clever Prediction

I doubt the film will make much money, but with the 100th anniversary of Tolstoy’s death this year, and how celebrated an author he is, perhaps the Academy will honor him and the film with a nomination.

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