Legendary (2010)


Legendary is a feel good drama about a teenaged boy who joins the high school wrestling team in order to bring together his family, which was torn apart after the death of his father, who was a legendary college wrestler.

Legendary is the latest of the WWE produced films, which does have the Rundown in it’s history, as well as The Condemned and The Marine. So it’s a mixed bag. Thankfully, John Cena is in the film… So, it’s a mixed bag. I hope they make it look like high school wrestling is exactly like the WWE. Kids punching each other, high school girls with massive implants, the ref gets distracted and one of the guys pulls brass knuckles out of his groin area, you know, like real fighting.

Legendary Script

No script. John Cena just makes it up as he goes along. In Legendary fashion.

{Legendary} Trailer

Apparently, it was online for a minute, and has been removed. What’s up WWE?

Who’s It For?

PG-13, White Trash, Wrestling Fans, Democrats

Movie Release Date

September 10.

Who’s In It?

Patricia Clarkson
John Cena
Danny Glover
Madeleine Martin
Tyler Posey … Billy Barrow
Devon Graye

Related Movies

The Marine, The Condemned, Walk Tall, The Rundown

What’s Good About It?

The story seems like a nice, feel good kind of flick…

What’s Bad About It?

But I don’t see a lot of potential. This type of film needs a really good director, and even then, there are far too many misses.

Our Clever Prediction

Critics will say that Cena has potential, but Legendary will tank. I will tell people I saw it, when I didn’t. I will then question why I chose to lie about it. These thoughts will lead to me writing a philosophical epic poem on par with Dante’s Divine Comedy. No greater result will ever come from wrestling.

And yes, that is John Cena holding a small animal (goat?) while looking sensitive.

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  1. i love john cena and i really think that this movie will be very nice because every thing that cena does is great
    i just cant wait to see it

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