Larry Crowne (2011)


Larry Crowne is the latest offering from megastars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, where a man reinvents himself by reenrolling in college after losing his job.

Larry Crowne is downsized from his job, and after enrolling in college, he forms unexpected bonds with some of the students, while also starting a relationship with Mercedes Tainot, a female professor.

Ah, I remember when I had an illicit affair with one of my professors. Oh, how I miss you, Dumbledore.


The Scoop

Directed by Tom Hanks, who has very seldom gotten behind the camera, but with the length of his career, combined with how many amazing directors he’s worked with, should make Larry Crowne pretty decent.

The script was written by Nia Vardalos, who was the writer and star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which has me torn at present. On the one hand, My Big Fat Greek Wedding was a smash hit at the box office. On the other hand, it was My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Eh. Hanks did cowrite the script, so it still has A-lister all over it. And the story must be pretty decent if Hanks has decided to direct.


Who’s It For?

No rating yet.

Movie Release Date

April , 2011.

Who’s In It?

Julia Roberts… Mercedes Tainot
Tom Hanks … Larry Crowne
Taraji P. Henson
Bryan Cranston … Dean
Wilmer Valderrama

Interesting Fact

Larry Crowne is the second film that Tom Hanks has ever directed, after That Thing You Do!

Related Movies

That Thing You Do!, Back to School, A League of Their Own, My Big Fat Greek Wedding

What’s Good About It?

I really like That Thing You Do!. It was a solid film and a lot of fun. Hanks showed a talent for capturing the spirit of a time while also bringing up the nostalgia that his generation would have for the sixties. I expect a somewhat similar tone for Larry Crowne, meaning some heartfelt moments, but an overall laid back and enjoyable film.

What’s Bad About It?

Hanks did cast Wilmer Valderrama. He sorta sucks.

Our Clever Prediction

Hanks has always been a solid performer at the box office. I see no reason why Larry Crowne would fail. It won’t be a surprise hit like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but that’s only because no one expected that to do so well. I see the critics enjoying it, and the box office numbers to go over $100 million. Probably not WAY over $100 mil, but over it nonetheless.

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