Knights of Badassdom (2011)


Knights of Badassdom essentially takes the LARPing jokes from Role Models and makes a whole movie out of it.

Admittedly, these losers need to be made fun of. On the other hand, I’ve always wanted to be a knight, so maybe I should start LARPing.

It beats fapping. ZING!

So basically a good looking cool guy is made to join his buddies in a LARPing tourney, and they make jokes n’ stuff.

BUT WAIT!!!! There’s more!

One of the LARPers is a fake wizard, and he accidentally calls forth a real demon or something, and they have to become real knights and fight it. While being badass.

Knights of Badassdom

Joe Lynch is directing a screenplay by Matt Wall and Kevin Dreyfuss. Lynch has mostly made horror films, but those have been kinda campy, so this might work.

Knights of Badassdom Trailer

Knights of Badassdom Release Date

TBA 2011.


Who’s In It?

 Peter Dinklage … Hung
  Ryan Kwanten … Joe
  Summer Glau … Gwen
  Margarita Levieva … Beth
  Steve Zahn … Eric
  Jimmi Simpson … Ronnie Kwok
  Danny Pudi … Lando
  W. Earl Brown … Randy
  Joshua Malina … Travis
  Michael Gladis … King Diamond
  Khanh Doan … Andie
  Tom Hopper … Gunther

What’s Good About It?

While I feel it’s a sorta unoriginal idea, the trailer looks funny and Summer Glau could sum my nads.

Sum my nads. Just came up with that.

The sum is… 2.

What’s Bad About It?

Ryan Kwanten from True Blood is the lead. I like him on the show, but he isn’t exactly a movie star. This makes me think the budget was too modest to do it right.

Our Clever Prediction

I see Knights of Badassdom being more cult classic than box office smash. Unless, like in the movie, someone conjures up REAL magic. SHAZAM…

Didn’t work for me.