Killer Joe (2011)


Killer Joe is about a young man putting out a hit on his mean mother, because he needs to pay off a debt that might cost him his life.

Killer Joe, in this instance, is a cop who runs a side business as a hit man. When the young man who wants his mom dead can’t pay the fee for her assassination upfront, the hit man comes up with a different method of payment: he wants to have sex with the young man’s virgin sister.

Apparently, hijinks ensue.

Killer Joe

Academy Award winner William Friedkin, who made The French Connection and The Exorcist, is directing Killer Joe, from a screenplay by Tracy Letts, who wrote the film Bug a few years back and played a Sheriff in U.S. Marshals. Friedkin also directed Bug, so the two have worked together before.

Killer Joe Trailer

Killer Joe Release Date

TBA 2011.


Who’s In It?

 Matthew McConaughey … Killer Joe Cooper
  Emile Hirsch … Chris Smith
  Juno Temple … Dottie Smith
  Thomas Haden Church … Ansel Smith
  Gina Gershon … Sharla Smith
  Scott Martin¹ … Pizza Manager
  Gralen Bryant Banks … Pizza Patron
  Carol Sutton … Saleslady
  Danny Epper … G-Man
  Jeff Galpin … Biker Thug
  Marc Macaulay … Digger Soames
  Gregory C. Bachaud … Filpatrick
  Charley Vance … Preacher

What’s Good About It?

Friedkin has made some seriously awesome films, the buzz around Killer Joe is solid, and the cast looks good. And I heard that Juno Temple gets naked. That should be good.

What’s Bad About It?

The awesome films Friedkin made were all in the 70s. Admittedly, I liked The Hunted, but most of his later films have been turds.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t think Killer Joe will be a big hit, but it looks to be a solid film that should give Matthew McConaughey some cred back after making so many stupid movies. Don’t hold your breath for a massive hit though.