Kane & Lynch (2011)


One of the few video game film adaptations that seems likely to be made and may not suck, Kane and Lynch is the story of two death row inmates who escape from jail and go on a crime spree at the behest of Kane’s old gang, who will kill his wife and daughter if he doesn’t work for them.

The word on the street (the street here being the internet) is that Law Abiding Citizen director F. Gary Gray may be taking the reins on Kane and Lynch. The game was obviously inspired by Michael Mann films, especially Heat, so that same style would play really well for the film. As of now, Kane is to be played by Bruce Willis, who can rock this role for sure, and Lynch will be played by Jamie Foxx, who may end up decent in the role, although the earlier rumor that Billy Bob Thornton would play Lynch was way better, seeing as he could easily look like the game version, and I could see him playing the somewhat deranged lunatic well.

Movie Name Script

The current writer is Kyle Ward, who, if you’ve been paying attention to my recent posts, is also writing Hitman 2 (2011). So… yeah. Good luck with that.

{Movie Name } Trailer

Here’s the trailer for the second game in the series, Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days.

Who’s It For?

It better be R. I will not see a PG-13 version of Heat.

Movie Release Date

The film is supposed to go into production this August, so it may come out by the end of 2011.

Who’s In It?

Bruce Willis… Kane
Jamie Foxx… Lynch

Related Movies

Heat, Miami Vice, Law Abiding Citizen, Hitman 1 and 2(unfortunately).

What’s Good About It?

Heat rocked my world. Correction. It still rocks my world. If Kane and Lynch turns out a script even half as good, and Willis and Foxx bring their A game, then this could end up a must-see movie.

What’s Bad About It?

It’s a video game adaptation, with the same guy who’s writing the second Hitman. What’s not to love?

Our Clever Prediction

I love Bruce Willis. He usually picks good movies, and even when they’re not great, he’s engaging enough to elevate the poor script/director. Heat is one of my all time favorite movies, and while that had Michael Mann directing, Robert Deniro, Al Pacino, and Val Kilmer in it, the style and tone of the film is still such that I would see it again and again. A knock off of Heat with a little extra violence on the side could scratch that crime itch I always have. And if it doesn’t, then I’ll have to find a different way to get to that itch. (Pulls out banana, threatens you with it, Gimme your wallet, or so help me God, I will commit a banana related crime.)

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