Seeking Justice (2011)


Seeking Justice is a crime and action thriller about a man whose wife is savagely attacked, and he agrees to help some bad dudes if they will get her attacker.

Guess what? Bad move. Never make a deal with bad dudes. If a guy walks up to you and says he’s a bad dude. You just say no. I watched those PSAs. I know stuff.

So Nic Cage is a normal husband who makes this deal with the devil. Well, after the bad dudes (BAD DUDES) get the guy who attacked his wife, they ask him to do the same for someone else. Essentially, they ask him to kill a sexual predator.

So they want him to kill a Canadian. Dun dun duh.

Seeking Justice

Roger Donaldson is directing Justice from a screenplay by Todd Hickey and Robert Tannen. Donaldson directed The Bank Job and The World’s Fastest Indian, so he’s the best ever. Hickey is best known as the cinematographer for After Sex. Who cares about what happens after sex? Just do it, man.

Seeking Justice Trailer

Seeking Justice Release Date

November 18, 2011. UK


Who’s In It?

 January Jones … Laura Gerard
  Nicolas Cage … Nick Gerard
  Guy Pearce … Simon
  Jennifer Carpenter
  Harold Perrineau … Jimmy
  Xander Berkeley … Lieutenant Durgan
  Monica Acosta … Audubon Zoo Visitor
  D’Arcy Allen … Hotel Guest in Lobby
  David Jensen … Gas Attendant
  IronE Singleton … Scar
  Joe Chrest … Detective Rudeski
  Mike Pniewski … Gibbs
  Wayne Pére … Cancer

What’s Good About It?

The trailer looks pretty good, and I like the idea of vigilantes teaming up. LIKE THE AVENGERS. So this is just an early look at what The Avengers will likely be. Cool.

What’s Bad About It?

January Jones is the wife? Why would you care if she got hurt?

Our Clever Prediction

Unfortunately, Nic Cage’s films don’t make much money. It’s too bad, because that sucker is crazy.