Jumping the Broom (2011)


Jumping the Broom tells the story of two very different African American families coming together for a wedding.

Details are scarce at the moment about Jumping the Broom, but it’s a comedy where the two families go to Martha’s Vineyard for a wedding. Hilarity will no doubt ensue.


The Scoop

Director Salim Akil has little theatrical experience, but he did write, direct, or produce TV shows such as Soul Food, Girlfriends, and The Game, so he’s been around a bit. Writers Arlene Gibbs and Elizabeth Hunter have been around for a bit as well, with Gibbs having written Traitor, which I really liked, primarily because Don Cheadle and Guy Pearce are awesome.

But still.

Who’s It For?

No rating yet.

Movie Release Date

May 6, 2011

Who’s In It?

Julie Bowen
Paula Patton
Laz Alonso … Jason Taylor
Loretta Devine
Angela Bassett
Mike Epps
Tasha Smith … Shonda

Interesting Fact

Jumping the broom is a phrase related to an old slave tradition, when two slaves would marry, they would often end the ceremony by jumping over a broom. Generally it meant that the woman was saying that she would take over household chores, although there are some cultures where the person who jumped higher over the broom would be in charge of the household. Like the Olympics.

Related Movies

Soul Food, The Game, Traitor

What’s Good About It?

I don’t know too much about the film yet, so I can’t claim to know all that much that’s good about it, but I think Angela Bassett is one of the better, and most underrated, actresses in Hollywood. Hopefully she’ll bring her ‘A’ game.

What’s Bad About It?

I wish I knew more about the plot, or at least had a trailer to work with. As it stands, I figure my white boy butt will probably just feel uncomfortable sitting next to a huge black guy with a wang twice the size of mine.

Don’t know why his wang is exposed at the theater, but I’ll figure it out eventually.

Our Clever Prediction

Jumping the Broom is being released the same weekend as Thor, so it should be mostly ignored as everyone talks about how awesome that dude with the hammer is.

Although for all those not wanting to go watch a Norse God kick ass, Jumping the Broom should provide a nice alternative.

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  1. Did that comment make you feel better about yourself? I hope so because only God can judge you and you just judged whole race or as you say “darkies”. What’s a Puertos anyways? I know what Puerto Rican is and they are beautiful too just like African American. If you want a Puerto Rican movie … make one and shut up.

  2. No movies for the Puertos though huh? Telemundo and Univision won’t even allow you island darkies on their television stations.

  3. Dudley ‘Booger’ Dawson,

    Dicksmasher- Very impressed with how well you know your Black cinema, I’d call you racist, but I think you are just lashing out because you didn’t get enough hugs as a kid and spend your Saturday afternoons eating popcorn and licorice looking for the next Tyler Perry or Spike Lee flick. (a closet wanna-be-a-little tanner)

    Jumping the Broom looks like a great movie, can’t wait! ~

  4. Looks like a great movie with a great cast. I can’t wait until it comes out. Two different backgrounds making love work. We need more movies like these.

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