Jack Goes Boating (2010)


Jack Goes Boating tells the tale of a loser limo driver who is socially awkward falling in love with an equally socially inept woman, and how he overcomes some of his fears and learns new things about himself and the world in his quest for love.

A New York City limo driver who smokes a whole bunch of weed? Impossible. Those guys are the epitome of class and professionalism. The main character, Jack, can’t swim. Probably a metaphor for his inability to relate to others in the many currents of the ocean called life. ($10 that’s what it means) After he meets and falls for a woman on a blind date, he makes a date to go on a boat ride with her the following summer. He must learn to overcome his fear of the water in order to win the only woman who could every be for him. Along the way, he learns a little about life. I’m just kidding. He doesn’t learn anything. Or does he? Hmmm?


The Scoop

Jack Goes Boating is the directorial debut of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. While the trailer looks good and the story looks like it’s reasonably uplifting, the fact he’s chosen it to start off his career as a director gives me great hope. The film is based on a play, both written by Bob Glaudini.

Who’s It For?


Movie Release Date

September 17, 2010.

Who’s In It?

Philip Seymour Hoffman … Jack
Amy Ryan … Connie
Lola Glaudini … Italian Woman
John Ortiz … Clyde
Elizabeth Rodriguez … Event Coordinator
Daphne Rubin-Vega … Lucy
Ricky Garcia … Potato Chip Guy

Interesting Fact

Boats are the number one cause of death of limo drivers. Second place? Falling pianos. Weird.

Related Movies

Sideways, Synecdoche, New York

What’s Good About It?

Hoffman is one of my favorite actors, his first film as director should at the very least have some good acting.

What’s Bad About It?

The metaphor strikes me as a bit sophomoric. Oh, he has to learn to swim while learning how to love? Wow.

I may also struggle to accept Jack Goes Boating, since seeing Phillip Seymour Hoffman on a boat in the middle of a lake may remind me of Tommy Boy just a bit too much. If a sail smacks him in the head, the film will completely lose me.

Our Clever Prediction

I doubt the box office will be big, but I have no doubt a number of people, including myself, will enjoy the film. Hopefully it launches a very successful career as a director for Hoffman. I should also mention that I now feel Amy Ryan is typecast as the go to girl for love interests of lovable socially inept losers. Office, anyone?

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