Jack and Jill (2011)


Jack and Jill is the story of a man who must deal with his twin sister and father while visiting his family at Thanksgiving. Which for you loser Canadians, is the holiday invented by the Smurfs.

This Adam Sandler vehicle (whoopee?) has Sandler playing the parts of BOTH Jack AND Jill. So he plays a dude, who presumably acts like the asshole that Sandler plays in every film, and he plays that asshole’s TWIN SISTER. Shouldn’t Eddie Murphy or Martin Lawrence be in this?

I guess the sister visits for Thanksgiving and won’t leave. So he has to deal with her. Permanently.

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if he killed his own sister/himself?

And in real life too.



The Scoop

Dennis Dugan is directing Jack and Jill, making that TWO Adam Sandler turdfest in one year, as he is also directing Just Go With It. It also has Robert Smigel and Steve Koren writing, who have written a bunch of other Sandler films like that Zohan turd and Click. Ugh.

Who’s It For?

No one. I don’t even care what it’ll be rated. You shouldn’t be encouraging this crap. It’s actually worse than MacGruber.

Movie Release Date

November 11, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Adam Sandler.. Jack AND Jill
Katie Holmes… Jack’s wife (still a rumor)
Al Pacino… The Father (not OUR Father, but rather THE Father)

Interesting Fact

I like to think that it’s the potential to be cast in films like Jack and Jill that inspired Katie Holmes to sell her soul to Satan. I mean, marry Tom Cruise. Why do The Dark Knight, when you can be such a big part of this type of megaturd?

Related Movies

Just Go With it, Click, Grownups, That Zohan Turd (actual title)

What’s Good About It?

Man, I just CAN NOT WAIT to see how crazy it is for Sandler to play a WOMAN! Crazy.

What’s Bad About It?

Does Sandler do much charity? Cause at least part of his salary might go to a charity and help someone.

Our Clever Prediction

God help us all, but I expect the film to make pretty good money. I doubt the critics will love it, but I see a solid box office.


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  1. Ok, cue up the Sandler checklist for a movie :

    1. 80’s music
    2. Stupid voice
    3. Fart jokes
    4. Include 3 of your friends
    5. A hot wife

    Yup, this movie has all the ingredients for his movies.

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