J. Edgar (2011)


This dramatic movie is a biopic on good old J. Edgar Hoover, and his silly little antics that brought shame upon Hoover, and the American public. I could insert a George Bush joke here as well, but I’ll skip it.

The Scoop

J. Edgar is a biopic on FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, focusing on his scandalous career and controversial private life as a homosexual and rumored cross dresser. Was he really a homo? I don’t know, but Leonardo DiCaprio is playing Hoover, so this could get interesting to say the least. Will DiCaprio be kissing another man in the movie? One can only wish. Right guys? Right? *High Five*

Clint Eastwood is the director on this one, that could be really good, or really bad. Clint has a lot of white guilt build up lately, with his recent films Gran Torino and Invictus can attest to. So I’m betting he tippy-toes away from the gay angle a fair amount, because Eastwood is somewhat of a coward that way.

I’m not going to pick a fight here, not in this preview, but take another look at his last few movies and watch how he tackles some races really hard, and dodges the realities of racism so he doesn’t piss anybody off too much.

No word yet on who is playing Clyde Tolson, Hoover’s suspected MAN LOVER back in the day. The two did everything together, including romantic european vacations in the late 1930’s. GRRRRRRRRRROWWWWWWWWWL!



Who’s It For?

Americans, Sean Penn, Democrats.

Movie Release Date

Originally J. Edgar was looking for a 2012 release, but it has been moved to a Nov 2011 release instead.

Interesting Factoid

It is because of Hoover’s long and failed tenure that FBI directors are now limited to 10-year terms.

Who’s In It?

Leonardo DiCaprio … J. Edgar Hoover
Naomi Watts … Helen Gandy
Armie Hammer … Clyde Tolson
Judi Dench
Damon Herriman … Bruno Hauptmann

What’s Good About It?

I’m not sure yet. Maybe we’ll learn something new?

What’s Bad About It?

Maybe we’ll learn a little too much about Hoover’s cross dressing and homosexuality?

Our Clever Prediction

Hey, it’ll probably make a buck or two.


  1. tessa0558:
    The release date has been updated to 12/14/11…putting it in great placement for Oscar contention.This could be Leo’s year!

    I’m waiting for confirmation from the studio on the 2011 release.

  2. The release date has been updated to 12/14/11…putting it in great placement for Oscar contention. This could be Leo’s year!

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