Its a Bieber Movie Update folks.


I’ve been asked by Paramount to push details on the new Justin Bieber movie out there, so here they are. Because apparently, the world can’t get enough Bieber.

Never Say Never

In this new Justin Bieber movie, you’ll watch the rise of yong Bieber from a street performer, to .. teen idol? I suppose thats what he is, sort of like a modern day Leif Garrett. This live movie event will be in Real 3D, Digital 3D and… for you poor people, 2D on Feb 11th.

The Justing Bieber story is sort of like when the Jedi discovered young Anakin, and trained him to be a powerful Jedi, but then regretted doing so. This can’t end well, and I foresee years of evil leadership under the rule of Bieber, and the dark side.

Interesting Fact

I tried combing my hair like Justin Bieber, but I’m almost 40 and going bald, so I looked like a cat that was hit by a car and dragged down the road.

Justin’s Site

If you want to check out the online happenings of Bieber’s new movie, things like that, then you have to go to the Never Say Never site.

That’s it, I’ve done my Justin Bieber movie promotion for the year. Have a Bieber of a day.

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