Ironclad (2011)


Ironclad tells the true of story of knights defending Rochester castle from the invader King John.

In 1215 the barons of England have forced the evil king, John, to sign the Magna Carta, but he’s still not happy about it. A few months after signing the Magna Carta, which guarantees the rights of free men, King John assembles an army to capture/kill the barons and bring England back under his tyrannical control. The biggest obstacle to King John’s struggle to destroy freedom and justice is the powerful Rochester castle. Ironclad tells the story of the brave knights who defended freedom.

No doubt the filmmakers will say that this moment paved the way for freedom throughout the world, especially the American Revolution, etc. They said the same thing about 300.

And Boogie Nights.


Written and directed by Jonathan English, who is still a relative newcomer (meaning I don’t really remember his other work), Ironclad has a great cast, with Paul Giamatti, Brian Cox, Kate Mara (okay, not the best actress, but she’s pretty), James Purefoy, and Derek Jacobi. With such a good cast, the film has to be at least decent.

Ironclad Trailer

Movie Release Date

TBA 2011.


Who’s In It?

Charles Dance … Archbishop Langton
  Kate Mara … Lady Isabel
  Jason Flemyng … Beckett
  Paul Giamatti … King John
  Brian Cox … Albany
  James Purefoy … Marshall
  Derek Jacobi … Cornhill
  Mackenzie Crook … Marks
  Vladimir Kulich … Tiberius
  Jamie Foreman … Coteral
  Aneurin Barnard … Guy
  Guy Siner … Captain Oaks
  Steffan Rhodri … Cooper
  Bree Condon … Agnes
  Daniel O’Meara … Phipps
  David Melville … Baron Darnay
  Simon Nader … Hungarian Mercenaries (voice)
  John Pierce Jones … Cook
  Rhys Parry Jones … Wulfstan
  Steve Purbrick … Tavern Landlord

What’s Good About It?

Awesome cast, good looking trailer. I’m in.

What’s Bad About It?

So far the promotion is minimal. That makes me worry the producers have little faith in Ironclad’s potential.

Our Clever Prediction

I think Ironclad is going to be amazing. Solid action, good acting, and a plot about freedom and revolution. Hopefully it is rated R, and doesn’t pull any punches.