If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle (2011)


If I want to Whistle, I Whistle is a Romanian film about a young man who is about to get out of a juvenile detention center, when he takes a woman hostage in a desperate attempt to save his little brother.

The trailer is in some crazy language (not English, therefore crazy), but from what I’ve read of the film, the boy getting out of jail is hoping to take care of his younger brother upon his release. He has, it seems, spent about seven years in jail and his mother has been absent both from his and his brother’s lives, but she suddenly appears and wishes to take the younger brother away. He has a crush on a young woman who is a research project in the prison, and in he ends up taking her hostage. I don’t fully understand the reasoning, but it looks intense.


The Scoop

The film is Romania’s official selection for the 2011 Academy Awards, so at least they believe it’s good. After seeing the trailer, I’m thinking they may be right, but then, they are Romanians. That’s almost as bad as Canadian. Canada’s official selection for the Academy Awards is Space Jam, which is not Canadian, featured Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny, and the film came out at least 15 years ago. The nice thing is the Academy tells them they won, gives them each a Snickers, and everyone wins.

Well, except for the Canadian doctors, who are fishing Snickers wrappers out of grown men’s bottoms the next day, either from eating the candy unwrapped, or ‘sitting’ on it.

If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle’s director, Florian Serban (sounds Romanian) has won a few awards for the film already, but there isn’t really anyone on the film that anyone would know, unless you happen to be a huge Romanian film buff. (by huge, I don’t mean fat, but rather very interested in Romanian films)

Who’s It For?

Not Rated, but if it ends up rated, probably R.

Movie Release Date

January 5, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Pistireanu George … Silviu
Ada Condeescu … Ana
Mihai Constantin … Penitenciary director
Clara Voda … Mother

Interesting Fact

One in five women will try to whistle on my personal recorder. (it looks like a flute… I’m talking about my peep)

The film is based on a novel by Andreea Valean.

Related Movies

Borat, OZ, Prison Break

What’s Good About It?

With the awards it has already received, If I want to Whistle, I Whistle probably doesn’t suck. But I doubt it’ll have the type of explosions/Transformers that I come to expect from my films.

What’s Bad About It?

I go to movies so I won’t have to read. Subtitles, you are my enemy.

Our Clever Prediction

No way in crap does this make a ton of money at the box office, but it may win an Academy Award, so that the director can then go on to make a Transformers movie!

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