I Melt with You (2011)


I Melt with You is a drama about 4 college friends who reunite in their 40s and realize they are EMPTY INSIDE.

I should clarify. By “empty inside” I don’t mean hungry. I mean they have NO SOUL. Basically, the four friends have a wild night and realize that even though they’re supposed to be having a ton of fun, it doesn’t feel the same as in college, and their lives are meaningless. It’s almost like they’re blogging about movie news.


I Melt with You

Mark Pellington is directing I Melt with You, from a screenplay by Glenn Porter. Pellington has directed a lot of music videos and documentaries, although he did direct The Mothman Prophecies, which is… good? I can barely remember it. Must’ve been good.

This is Porter’s first film.

I Melt With You Trailer

I Melt with You Release Date

December 9, 2011.


Who’s In It?

 Carla Gugino … Laura
  Arielle Kebbel … Randi
  Thomas Jane … Richard
  Rob Lowe … Jonathan
  Jeremy Piven … Ron
  Sasha Grey … Raven
  Rebecca Creskoff
  Melora Hardin
  Tom Bower … Captain Bob
  Christian McKay … Tim
  Alex Solowitz
  Joe Reegan … Cole
  August Emerson … Ethan
  Abhi Sinha … Ryan
  Dani Fish … Jody
  Zander Eckhouse … Jonah
  Victoria Bruno … Carrie

What’s Good About It?

Tom Jane is a pretty good actor, but I’m not liking the idea there. I love Rob Lowe and Carla Gugino though.

What’s Bad About It?

I don’t much like the trailer. And they cast Sasha Grey. Come on.

Our Clever Prediction

Currently, I Melt with You is getting a limited release. It doesn’t look good for the film to make much money.