I Love You Phillip Morris Red band Trailer


I bet he also loves men’s butts. Cause of the whole gay thing.

Was that insensitive? I’ll direct you to my preview of Rabbit Hole. Come back angry. It’s the right mindset for reading one of my reviews.

So what’s the Deal?

This red-band trailer for I Love You Phillip Morris looks hilarious. Unlike you, I’ve never been convicted of a gay related hate crime. The reason for this is I’ve only committed pro-gay hate crimes. I like to buck tradition.

I’ve reread that paragraph and decided it makes no sense. Which is why I’ve included it in this post. My aim is not to illuminate, but rather to cloud your mind. I’m like a Jedi.

The trailer looks funny (did you like that segue back into the main point of the article? Like a Jedi.) and I’m genuinely looking forward to this film. The previous trailer looked okay at best, but this looks like they’re really going all the way with this. I’m glad to see it’s a pretty solid ‘R.’ I cannot wait for opening night, when I beat up a jerk for saying he hates gay people. Pro-gay related hate crime. I call it… justice.

I Love You Phillip Morris Trailer

So here’s the trailer:

And Check out all the other info we have available for I Love You Phillip Morris here. Like a Jedi.

To explain the Jedi stuff, I expect to see Obi Wan Kenobi get a lightsaber up the poop shoot.

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