I, Anna (2011)


I, Anna is a thriller about a woman who falls in love with a detective. The twist? The detective is investigating a murder, and the woman is a suspect! Whoa!

Not a ton of details are available at present for I, Anna, but I like to think it’s a sequel to I, Robot, but without Will Smith or robots.

I, Anna

I, Anna is based on the book by Elsa Lewin, and the film is the theatrical debut for writer/director Barnaby Southcombe. Southcombe sounds like the name of a pubic hair brush. Cause it combs south of the border. Y’know?

Southcombe has some experience directing for TV, but all the shows are British, and I haven’t heard of them. Although Bad Girls sounds promising. It’d be even more interesting if it was Bad Girls in Prison, Doing It, but it’s never as cool as that.

I, Anna Trailer

No trailer yet.

Movie Release Date

TBA 2011-2012.



Who’s In It?

Hayley Atwell… Emmy
Gabriel Byrne … D.C.I. Bernie Reid
Charlotte Rampling … Anna Welles
Eddie Marsan … D.I. Kevin Franks
Jodhi May … Janet Stone
Bill Milner … Theo
Honor Blackman … Joan
Ralph Brown … George Stone
Caroline Catz … Louise
Jamie Foreman … Albert
Perry Benson … Morris
Joey Ansah … Bull
Bryan Dick … D.C. Peter Hicock

What’s Good About It?

I like British crime thrillers. Hayley Atwell and Charlotte Rampling are pretty fine actresses, and Gabriel Byrne has a cool name. COOL NAME, DUDE.

What’s Bad About It?

Too few details at present to really decide, but we’ll see.

Our Clever Prediction

I doubt I, Anna will make much money, since it seems like a small budget crime caper film, but Hayley Atwell might become a bit bigger star after this summer’s Captain America, so there’s hope yet.


  1. Hello i played the part as a shopper in a departmental store and ime in the point as Charlotte Ramplin calls out to a friend and says ,Anna is that you,
    I would like to know when the release days is,and I would like to come along to the opening,
    please let me know.
    Kind Regards,Steve.

  2. I saw this film in a pre release preview at the BFI cinema in Piccadilly about 3 weeks ago. A bit obvious, a bit slow, good beginning. Reminded me of Italian and French films of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Nice to have leading roles played by people acting their age as well over 25 for a change. It needs some tighter editing and a bit of cutting.

    FWIW, Barnaby Southcombe is Charlotte Rampling’s son by her first marriage

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