How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Preview

How I Met Your Mother Season 9

Kids, in the year 2005 a new single camera sitcom about a guy telling his kids how he met their mother aired on TV, and was an instant hit. It had a unique framing device that allowed it be inventive in its storytelling. It went on smoothly for a number of seasons, until fans eventually wondered when they would actually reveal the eponymous mother. It began to seem like the showrunners were stretching the story beyond its limit. The fans had to wait until the season 8 finale to get a glimpse of the mother, and it was in the September 2013 that the final season finally started.

The Story So Far

The final season will take place over the course of one weekend, as the episodes revolve around Barney and Robin’s wedding. All of Ted’s friends will meet the mother over the season, before Ted himself finally meets her. Here’s a recap of what went on for the last eight seasons:

What, you wanted me to recount everything that happened in the past seasons? There’s a 98.83 % chance that if you’re reading this, you’ve seen the show.

Airing On

The season premieres on September 23, 2013. The first episode will be an hour long.

The Characters

Ted Mosby, played by Josh Radnor.

Marshall Eriksen, played by Jason Segel

Robin Scherbatsky, played by Cobie Smulders

Barney Stinson, played by Neil Patrick Harris

Lily Aldrin, played by Alyson Hannigan.

THE MOTHER, played by Cristin Milioti. Here are the things that we know about her:

The Scoop

Show-creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays talked about the season 8 finale and the final season to EW:

[On whether they considered casting a big star as the mother]

THOMAS: We didn’t want it to be a big famous star because we didn’t want the wider audience to have associations with whatever actress this would be, where it’s like, “Oh, it’s Anne Hathaway and I think blank of Anne Hathaway….” You’re waiting years to meet this woman, and it’s like, “Oh, he’s in love with Amy Adams just like the rest of America is.” The whole idea is that Ted’s never seen this woman before, so it better feel that way to the audience.” Cristin Milioti is she’s a fantastic actress and she’s been in [Broadway musica] Once, and it’s a Tony-nominated, wonderful musical but she hasn’t done a ton of big TV parts or bigger film parts. It seems so much more interesting and so much more ted to find someone special and unique and new, someone that we haven’t seen before and the whole idea is that Ted’s never seen this woman before, so it better feel that way to the audience.

BAYS: I don’t think it ever occurred to us. Honestly, exhibit A for us in the discussions was Cobie Smulders. In the pilot of our show, Ted sees [Cobie Smulders’] Robin for the first time and — without naming names — the part of Robin was offered to a pretty famous actress and she turned it down and then we ended up going with Cobie, who was our first choice from the beginning. Thank God we did for a million reasons but among those is the fact that when Ted’s seeing her for the first time, America’s seeing her for the first time — the intriguingness of that propelled the show going forward and kept the show alive.

They told TVGuide that the final 24 episodes will be “so distinct that you’ll always be able to recognize a Season 9 episode.”

The fun thing about going into a ninth season is that nothing is schmuck bait.Marshall and Lily can go to Italy, and they can live there the rest of their lives if we so choose. And I’m pretty sure we picked Rome solely because we wanted to dress Marshall up like Don Fanucci from The Godfather Part II.



This is a popular network sitcom so I don’t think we’ll be getting many videos. Watch this bloopers reel instead. It’s funny.

The Good Stuff?

I’ve found the show consistently funny and ingenious, and there’s no doubt in my mind that the final season will have many laugh-out-loud gags.

The Bad Stuff

I hate the melodrama as much as I like the jokes. I don’t really like any character except Marshall, and Ted’s “the one” shtick got annoying somewhere around the third season. He may be a sensitive, loving guy, but he’s also a delusional narcissist who overly idealizes the concept of love.

Our Clever Prediction

Millions will watch, surely, but I don’t think everyone will be satisfied by the ending.