Homework (2011)


Homework is a coming of age teen romance about a kid who doesn’t like to do his homework (shocking) who becomes friends with the girl who he has loved from a distance for some time.

George is a high school senior who has somehow gotten toward the end of his school career without ever having done any work. Sally is a popular girl, but she’s complicated, cause that’s popular girls for you, and she sees George as a kindred spirit. I hope he learns the value of doing homework or something crazy.


I thought I should mention that the tag line is “The Hardest lesson to learn is love.” Wow. I’m sold.

Homework was written/directed by Gavin Wiesen, and it is his first feature film. He previously directed a short called Kill the Day, but otherwise he’s a fresh voice in Hollywood! Or untested and possibly untalented. I’m too understanding of other’s failings. I should be more harsh.

You’re stupid. There.


Homework Trailer

No trailer yet.

Movie Release Date

Limited released on June 17, 2011.


Who’s In It?

 Freddie Highmore … George Zinavoy
  Emma Roberts … Sally Howe
  Michael Angarano … Dustin
  Elizabeth Reaser … Charlotte Howe
  Sam Robards … Jack Sargent
  Alicia Silverstone … Ms. Herman
  Blair Underwood … Principal Bill Martinson
  Rita Wilson … Vivian Sargent
  Jarlath Conroy … Harris McElroy
  Sophie Curtis … Chastity
  Ann Dowd … Mrs. Grimes
  Marcus Carl Franklin … Will Sharpe
  Ann Harada … Mrs. Dougherty
  Dan Leonard … Nick
  Maya Ri Sanchez … Cynthia
  Sasha Spielberg … Zoe Rubenstein

What’s Good About It?

I like Freddie Highmore, who was good in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Finding Neverland. It’s also nice to see the filmmaker casting actors who are close to the age of their characters. Most would have cast Matt Damon, cause he looks like he’s in high school, right?

What’s Bad About It?

Freddie Highmore was a cute kid, but he’s kind of a weird looking young adult. That’s common, but he’s kinda freaking me out. Look at the pics above. Weird.

Our Clever Prediction

This film is going to make SOOOO much money. Limited releases ALWAYS mean megabucks. It’s like winning the lottery. Why do they even give films wide releases? Screw Iowa. (Note: I say Iowa because I went to school there. And it sucks. Harsh)


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