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Famous Hollywood Directors

Hollywood directors, old and new. I’ve included a tiny intro to each director where possible, so you can view what prominent movies they are known for. The list is a directory of my favorite Directors, and isn’t supposed to be a defining list of any sort. Wherever possible I have tried to give you the most recent information for each director. Trying to update the official twitter accounts and facebook pages is really time consuming!

However, I think I’ve included some of the most important and influential Directors in my list, and I know you’ll find a few or argue with some I have included.

Abel Gance – Early, innovative French director responsible for “Napoleon”
Ritwik Ghatak – Original and imaginative Bengali director
Terry GilliamUnconventional director, credits include “Brazil” & “12 Monkeys, The Zero Theorem, Jupiter Ascending
Peter Greenaway – Directed “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover”
D. W. Griffith – Considered to be the father of motion pictures
Sacha Guitry – French actor and director
Alice Guy-Blache – First woman director
Hal Hartley – Renowned New York-based independent film maker
Amy Heckerling – Teen classics “Clueless” & “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” also produced ‘A Night at the Roxbury’.
Scott Hicks – Directed acclaimed film “Shine” about musical prodigy David Helfgott . Click to see his twitter account
Alfred Hitchcock – Master director of the thriller
Tobe Hooper – Credits include “Poltergeist” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” – producer of Texas Chainsaw 3D
Ron Howard – From child actor playing Opie to successful Hollywood director
John Hughes – One of the most influential and important directors, ever. Teen movies “The Breakfast Club” “Home Alone” & “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”
Jim Jarmusch – Director, actor, writer, producer, more
Mathieu Kassovitz – French director and actor – directed the amazing series ‘Apocalypse: The Second World War’
Elia Kazan – Directed “East of Eden,” “On the Waterfront” & “Baby Doll”
Krzysztof Kieslowski – Polish filmmaker
Stanley Kramer – Legendary director of socially conscious classics including “High Noon”
Stanley Kubrick – Film director/producer, credits include “A Clockwork Orange” “The Shining” and “Full Metal Jacket”
Akira Kurosawa – Legendary Japanese filmmaker
John Landis – Directed “Trading Places,” “Blues Brothers” and “Animal House”
Spike Lee – Credits include “Girl 6,” “Malcolm X” and “Do The Right Thing”
Sergio Leone – Spaghetti westerns including “A Fistful of Dollars”
Barry Levinson – Directed “Disclosure,” “Rain Man” and “Diner”
Richard Linklater – Directed grunge generation flick “Dazed and Confused” and Boyhood
George Lucas – Director of “Star Wars” and “American Graffiti”
David Lynch – Credits include “Twin Peaks,” “Blue Velvet” & “Eraserhead” We cover a lot of David Lynch Movies
Russ Meyer – Sex-and-violence director who did “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls”
Michael Moore – Credits include “TV Nation” and “Roger & Me” and ‘Bowling for Columbine’
Frank Oz – The voice of Miss Piggy in The Muppets movies and Yoda in the Star Wars films
Alan J. Pakula – Directed “All The President’s Men,” “Klute,” “Sophie’s Choice” and “The Devil’s Own”
Alan Parker – Director of “Evita,” “The Commitments” and “Mississippi Burning”
Sam Peckinpah – High body-count films including “The Wild Bunch”
Roman Polanski – Credits include “Rosemary’s Baby”  “Chinatown” and raping teen models.
Abraham Polonsky – Noted director-writer whose career was damaged by the Hollywood blacklist
Sam Raimi – Director of the “Evil Dead” cult series
Robert Redford – Acclaimed actor & director with all-American good looks, starred in “The Sting”
Rob Reiner – Known for “When Harry Met Sally” & “This is Spinal Tap”
Jay Roach – Multi-talented director of the Austin Powers movies
Ken Russell – Flamboyant British director of “Tommy” and “Altered States”
Joel Schumacher – Director of “Batman Forever” and “The Client”
Martin Scorsese – Directed “Taxi Driver,” “Raging Bull” & “Casino”
Ridley Scott – Credits include “Blade Runner,” “Alien” and “Thelma & Louise”
Tony Scott – Credits include “Top Gun” and “Crimson Tide”
Kevin Smith – Directed “Clerks” and “Mallrats”
Steven Spielberg – Top director, “Jaws,” “E.T.,” “Jurassic Park,” & “Raiders of the Lost Ark”
Oliver Stone – Talented film director and epic storyteller
Quentin Tarantino – Celebrated director of “Pulp Fiction”
William Desmond Taylor – Murdered silent film director
Stanley Tong – Action-film director of “Rumble In The Bronx” & “Supercop”
Roger Vadim – French film director who launched the career of Brigitte Bardot
Paul Verhoeven – Director of “Starship Troopers,” “Total Recall” and “Robocop”
John Waters – Sometimes gross director known for “Hairspray” and “Cry-Baby”
Peter Weir – Credits include “Green Card,” “Witness” & “Dead Poets Society”
Orson Welles – Legendary director best known for “Citizen Kane”
Kevin Williamson – Creator of “Dawson’s Creek” and producer/writer for the “Scream” film series – official twitter account
John Woo – Action film director of “Broken Arrow” and “Face/Off”
Ed Wood – Rated Hollywood’s all-time worst director
Robert Zemeckis – Director of “Forrest Gump,” “Back to the Future” & “Contact” twitter account news feed
Andrzej Zulawski – Maverick Polish/French director known for his film “Possession”