Goon (2011)


Goon is a movie about hockey, a ‘goon’ and a semi-pro hockey team who is revived in the process. It stars Seann William Scott and Jay Baruchel. Labelled an outcast by his brainy family, Doug Glatt (Seann William Scott ) overcomes long odds to lead a team of under performing misfits to semi-pro hockey glory, beating the crap out of everything that stands in his way.

While many are deeming ‘Goon’ as the remaking of Slap Shot, it really isn’t. Director Jay Baruchel describes the movie a little differently :

Says Jay :

Think a really violent “Happy Gilmore,” with a little “Die Hard” and “The Last Boy Scout” thrown in for good measure.

“This movie is for guys that are sick of PG blood and just nonsense,” “We’re trying to create something real… hopefully for people that dig awesome movies. Hockey fans and f—ing fight fans.”

It also looks like a Restricted rating, so hooray for hockey fights, boobies and a decent hockey movie, we hope.


Release Date

Goon hits theaters in 2011

Who’s In It?

There are supposed to be a few cameos by ex-nhl players, not sure who is in yet.
Jay Baruchel, Seann William Scott (Doug Glatt), Liev Schreiber (Ross Reardon) and Alison Pill are all confirmed.

What’s Good About It?

There hasn’t been a good hockey movie since Slapshot, and no.. The Tooth Fairy doesn’t count. We loved the movie Take Me Home Tonight, and Michael Dowse (The man behind it) is also directing Goon.

What’s Bad About It?

Another hockey movie that depicts the game as a bunch of thugs beating the shit out of each other, when in reality its a very minor part of the game. I know violence sells, but Mystery Alaska proves a good hockey/sporting movie can be made without focusing one aspect of the sport. While Goon will certainly be a fun movie, I think my frustration with focusing on this aspect of the sport is at it’s limit. Hockey players are among the most elite athletes in the game, the talent one has to possess to play at this level is spectacular, unlike other pro sports.

My rant : You can transplant anyone into a moment of a basketball game, or pro baseball game. You can pull a 7′ mongoloid out of the jungle and he could play basketball for a bit, plant a dummy in the outfield and he could hang out for a while. In hockey, you have to have a certain amount of talent. Incredible athletes getting another movie that focuses on everything negative about the sport.

Update : Goon 2 has recently been announced and you can check out our coverage!


  1. I agree, focusing on fighting isn’t the greatest thing for the game of hockey. But if that’s what it takes to get a good ice hockey movie, then I’ll take it.
    If you want it to be more well rounded…. go watch 24/7 again.

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