Goon 2 – Last of the Enforcers

Goon 2 Movie 2016
Goon 2 Movie 2016

News of a  ‘Goon 2: Last of the Enforcers.  was just leaked by Sean William Scott. Goon 2 is the sequel to … wait for it GOON. The prequel actually did really well at the box office, and Jay Baruchel has hired old friend Seth Rogan to join the movie, in an advisory role. Baruchel is a huge hockey fan, Montreal is his favorite team. Hey, at least he isn’t a Bruins fan. Apparently all of the cast is making a return, including Liev Schreiber as Ross “The Boss” Rhea, most likely in a mentor role now. Now I’ve got some early information on the plot for the new movie, so I posted it as it sounds very legit. The guy who sent it to me also gave me the early information on other upcoming movies, and he’s right like..95% of the time. So thanks ‘LA Insider’ , keep the information coming!

Sean William Scott let this quote slip out on Reddit the other day :

Heh! Well, I did a bit of fight training for GOON. For GOON 2, I’ve been fight-training for the past month, and next month in May I start working with an MMA fighter, and then some skating (obviously, a lot of skating). We start shooting GOON 2 in mid-June, and if everybody does their jobs and we execute the amazing script that Jay and his co-writer wrote, the fucking movie would be wicked.

 Goon: Last of the Enforcers.

I had an email dropped in my inbox saying the new Goon movie was a ‘coming of age’ for both characters. Glatt has redefined his game, and can actually skate now. He’s determined to prove to everyone he can take the next step, and sign a pro contract. Ross Rhea is his mentor, a couple years removed from the game. When Doug is viciously beaten on the ice by a new goon squad on the opposing team, Glatt seeks the help of Rhea to avenge his name, and the team. Rhea , inspired again by being a role model to Doug, ends up suiting up for one last game on a line with Glatt… and they kick the living shit out of the opposition one last time.

I hope the information I got is correct, because that sounds awesome. It would be like if Rocky and Apollo joined forces and entered a street fight, kicking some ass.

Release Date : Spring 2016

Who’s In Goon 2? Sean William Scott, Liev Schreiber as Ross “The Boss” Rhea. Eugene Levy, Alison Pill and Kim Coates.

Trailer : Not yet, so enjoy the trailer for Goon instead.

More info as we get it!