Going the Distance (2010)


Going the Distance is a romantic comedy about a couple who have only been dating a short while but decide to try a long distance relationship.

Erin and Garrett are both ambitious at their job, while also crazy about each other. Erin needs to finish school in San Francisco, while Garrett is waiting on a promotion in New York. Using a webcam (ooo, sexy) and frequent flyer miles, they continue their short lived relationship thousands of miles apart, but what happens when they both get the jobs they were waiting for? Can their love survive even more time apart? Or will one of them give up their dream for love, thus becoming bitter and angry later in life? Cross your fingers and hope Drew Barrymore ends up bitter. Justin Long’s just so cool as the ‘Mac’ guy. No ‘Mac’ guy can ever be bitter. (this preview brought to you by Apple)

(not really)


The Scoop

Both director Nanette Burstein and writer Geoff LaTulippe are relative newcomers to the movie making business. Normally, I’d say this doesn’t bode well for the film, but maybe a little fresh blood can bring new life into this mostly dead genre. I like that the metaphor makes romantic comedies into vampires. Another thing the writer and director share is strange names. Nanette? Geoff with a ‘J?’ Crazy.

Who’s It For?


Movie Release Date

September 3rd, 2010.

Who’s In It?

Drew Barrymore … Erin
Justin Long … Garrett
Christina Applegate … Corinne
Jason Sudeikis … Box
Ron Livingston … Will
Natalie Morales … Brandy
Kelli Garner … Brianna

Interesting Fact

I was going to say this is Drew Barrymore’s first film in years, but then I checked her IMDB page and it turns out she’s had a fair amount of work lately. Apparently my blinders have worked. Also, she’s 35, but playing someone finishing school. I know lots of people finish school later, but I bet her character is really 25. Because she can pull that off.

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What’s Good About It?

Justin Long looked genuinely funny and charismatic in the trailer. I’ve seen the funny before, but charisma? This might just be a Heath Ledger as Joker level performance. It may also not be that. The film looks light enough to enjoy, provided you don’t go looking for more substance.

What’s Bad About It?

Drew Barrymore. You know how I said that romantic comedies are like vampires? I was wrong. Drew Barrymore is a vampire. And she’s feeding on the ‘Mac’ guy!

Our Clever Prediction

I’m not so sure of the drawing power here. Barrymore doesn’t exactly scream box office success, but at the same time she does have a fair number of decent levels hits accredited to her. Long is similar. I know they used to date, and that old chemistry may server the film well, even going so far as making me believe they’re a real couple. I’m giving it a decent shot at success.

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