Go For It! (2011)


Go for It! Is a dance movie about a young girl from a poor background who longs to be a dancer and get a scholarship to a prestigious dance school. It’s almost as if I’ve seen this film before. A BILLION TIMES.

The best part is the beginning of the official description of the film:

Carmen is a good student with a bad attitude who lives for dancing in the underground clubs of Chicago.

Good student with a bad attitude. Sounds like a girl who gets pregnant too young and her life is ruined because she couldn’t keep her legs closed. Carmen is going to junior college and working at a grocery store, but she wants to dance. DANCE. Her Mexican immigrant parents don’t understand. Man. Parents just don’t understand, yo. But don’t worry, Carmen has a professor that believes in her. And who doesn’t want their junior college professors to believe in them? It’s not like a JUNIOR college professor is a failure, right? Oh, and her boyfriend wants her to commit to him and move in. Yeah, cause guys are ALWAYS looking for a commitment.
“What’s that, girl? You don’t want this to be serious? Darn. I guess I’ll just continue to have meaningless relations with you and hit on other girls and be free. I’m just a man. What else can I do?”
Oh, and Carmen doesn’t believe in herself. So she has to overcome her own fears and dance like she’s always known she was able.
One thing. Just because a smoking hot Latina has great moves on the dance floor doesn’t mean she knows how to dance the way they teach at prestigious dance schools. The girls who get into those schools spend their whole lives with stupid parents who push them, get them private lessons, and teach them real dancing. They don’t teach ‘dropping it like its hot.’ Just saying.
Man, everything I’ve written could come across as crazy racist. Its not, though. I love all people.

Go For It!

Tag line:

She wasn’t the best… It didn’t matter.

But it does. It ALWAYS MATTERS. You think I write for Starseeker because I’m second best? No. I’m the best.
Go For It! Is the first film from writer/director/producer Carmen Marron. Holy crap. She named the main character after herself. Unless she’s an Emo chick, there’s no way that the character Carmen is going to fail. But it would be awesome if she did.

Go For It! Trailer

Not yet.

Movie Release Date

Limited release on May 13, 2011.


Who’s In It?

  Aimee Garcia … Carmen Salgado
  Al Bandiero … Frank Martin
  Jossara Jinaro … Loli
  Gina Rodriguez … Gina
  Louie Alegria … Pablo
  Derrick Denicola … Jared
  Andres Perez-Molina … Jesse Salgado
  Gustavo Mellado … Luis Salgado
  Rene Rosado … Nino
  David Hernandez … Cuko
  Liliana Montenegro … Irene Salgado
  Safia Hannin … Cecy Salgado
  Peggy Goss … Jared’s Mother
  Daniel Yabut … Danny

What’s Good About It?

I suppose some people enjoy movies about dancing.

What’s Bad About It?

I just checked, and the actress, Aimee Garcia, who is playing Carmen, is 32 years old. I kinda figured the character to be 18-20. Perfect. This is like 90210.

Our Clever Prediction

I highly doubt the film will make any money. But it MAY inspire 30 year olds everywhere to give up their boring life and start DANCING.

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