Gimme Shelter (2012)


Gimme Shelter is an uplifting film about a pregnant teen who flees her abusive mother and seeks out her biological father, who also throws her out because she refuses to have an abortion. Totally uplifting.

After the teenaged girl is thrown out by her father, she must find a way to survive on the streets. No doubt her father will ultimately see the error of his ways and be nice to her, but not before being a total bastard.

Fortunately for you, I’ve found a way to enjoy the movie as a comedy. Think of Vanessa Hudgens (who is playing the young girl) as her character from High School Musical. Zach Efron got her pregnant, but wasn’t responsible enough to help her, and her mom became abusive, and her dad turns out to be a jerk. Then… A SONG!

Gimme Shelter

I bet they use the Rolling Stones song. You know the one. Paint it Black.

The film was written and will be directed by Ron Krauss. I’m not familiar with any of his work, but he was the Assistant Art Director on a film called Carnosaur 3: Primal Species, so I have complete faith in his talents. Do I sense an impending Oscar nomination?

Yes. Yes I do.

Gimme Shelter Trailer

Movie Release Date

January, 2014.



Who’s In It?

Brendan Fraser… The Bad Dad
Vanessa Hudgens… Agnes “Apple” Bailey

What’s Good About It?

I do like that the film takes a different approach to a woman’s right to choose. I don’t get political much, meaning ever, but I like it when Hollywood shows that young women can be responsible to bring a baby into the world. Like Juno. Or Robocop.

Have I misunderstood Robocop again?

What’s Bad About It?

Brendan Fraser, Vanessa Hudgens, and an unknown director? Don’t hold your breath for quality.

Our Clever Prediction

I’m thinking it’ll go On Demand first, then get released in one theater for a week.


  1. If anyone saw “Bandslam” they know Vanessa can act. I don’t think “Beastly” was that much of a stretch for her. There’s only so much an actress can do with a character. I’m looking forward to seeing her in “Gimme Shelter” and her next movie, “The Frozen Ground” with Nicholas Cage and John Cusack. This girl is going to prove all the immature haters wrong.

  2. Idk why people don’t like Vanessa. I absolutely love her! She is a good actress, just in the wrong movies. I believe that this movie is going to be good. Yea, she made some mistake, but guess what ? Its over! It’s been such a long time ! Get over it! I am a Vanessa Hudgens fan, I will always be! And I stand by her ever way, along with all her TRUE fans! And idgaf (I don’t give a fu**) if you think that people who like her since hsm are “stupid immature tweens” because that’s how she started! So go to he** if you got anyting to say to that!?
    – Vanessa Hudgens loverr for life!

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