Ghost Rider 2 (2011)


Ghost Rider 2 got the green light recently, to the surprise of many considering the luke warm reception the original film received in Hollywood. There are a few interesting additions, and subtractions to the sequel, the most notable being the refusal to bring back Eva Mendes and director Mark Johnson.

The odd thing about the original Ghost Rider movie, is that even though it is generally recognized as a ‘terrible’ movie, it still churned out enormous revenue. More likely than not, the film was riding the coattails of the summer Superhero movie wave.

Ghost Rider : Spirit of Vengeance

Columbia Pictures is in early discussions with screenwriter David Goyer to work on the story for “Ghost Rider 2,” which would presumably star Nicolas Cage.

The sequel is tentatively called “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance”. It will be made for PG-13 rating and could be 3-D by the time it is released.

“Ghost Rider” is adapted from Gary Friedrich and Mike Ploog’s comic books. The first film, which centers on stunt rider Johnny Blaze who becomes a bounty hunter of rogue demons called Ghost Rider at night.

Why you care

You find men dressed in leather chaps, heroic, rather than gay.



Ghost Rider 2 Release Date

Summer 2011


Nicolas Cage

Reminds me of

Uh, Ghost Rider?

The Good

David Goyer also wrote Batman Begins, so there is a lot of talent behind the screenplay. This franchise needs a complete overhaul, a recreation, and Goyer is one of the few who can do it.

The Bad

Ghost Rider 2? The first one was so bad, it didn’t deserve a remake. I was never a fan of Ghost Rider, so maybe I’m a bit biased here. Nothing about the man was really fascination to me, as a child. Maybe Nick Cage ruined the film for me, or was it the tacky special effects? I mean, a burning Harley, … a flaming skull .. .the entire premise just did nothing for me.

Our Clever Prediction

Ghost Rider 2 will be tied in with some fast food franchise to trick us into watching it.

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