Fright Night (2011)


Fright Night is a remake of the 1985 original Fright Night, about a suburban boy who discovers that his neighbors are vampires.

The new film will apparently replace the neighbors with the boy’s parents! Oh, SNAP!! That’s going to be CRAZY. How could it be his parents? Nuts. It may also not be his parents who are vampires. I’ve heard conflicting reports.

Anyways, not a lot of details are known at present about the new film, but the original had the boy going to a famous, but fraudulent vampire killer, who ultimately helps him kill the vampires and save his girlfriend.



The Scoop

Craig Gillespie, who directed Mr. Woodcock and Lars and the Real Girl, is directing the remake, based on a screenplay by Marti Noxon. Noxon immediately elevates the film, as he has written and produced for Mad Men, which is one of the best TV shows ever. He doesn’t have a lot of theatrical experience, but if he worked on Mad Men, then the film may be halfway decent.

Who’s It For?

I’m thinking Fright Night will be PG-13. The original was half horror, half comedy, and I expect that to continue, and I doubt the filmmakers will want to limit their audience.

Movie Release Date

October 7, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Colin Farrell … Jerry Dandrige
Christopher Mintz-Plasse … ‘Evil’ Ed Thompson
David Tennant … Peter Vincent
Imogen Poots … Amy Peterson
Toni Collette … Judy Brewster
Anton Yelchin … Charley Brewster

Interesting Fact

A puppet creature made for Ghostbuster which was ultimately never used for that film was used in the original Fright Night.

Related Movies

Fright Night, Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant, Twilight, The Lost Boys

What’s Good About It?

The one thing that excites me for Fright Night is that Colin Farrell is set to play the main vampire. It kinda sounds perfect. I wouldn’t mind having a film of that tone as well. As long as it balances the horror with the comedy I think Fright Night could be a lot of fun.

What’s Bad About It?

This is the second damn remake I’ve previewed today. Come on. As of right now, there are at least three remakes coming out in September and October of 2011: Fright Night, Straw Dogs, and a sequel to the many times remade Journey to the Center of the Earth.

I think people may be right when they say that Hollywood has run out of ideas.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t think people are nearly as fond of the original Fright Night as some assume. It came out the year I was born, and I’m through college. I’ve never seen it, and while it may be a classic, it may also just be nostalgia. I see the remake doing crap business and being really bad.

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  1. I liked the original Fright Night and think the remake will do well. In my opinion, anyone that likes a good vampire flick will be excited to see this movie…Simple as that.

  2. What a mix of feelings I’ve got on this remake… and I just found out about it 5 minutes ago.

    Sorry this ‘previewer’ didn’t see the original or understand it’s greatness. It is a phenomenal film that hit all the right notes: good story, good script, great cast, great performances, perfect balance (of comedy and horror), super special effects (yes, 80’s horror special effects were/are awesome and still outperform most of the crap C.G. effects of the last 20 years by leaps and bounds), a cool soundtrack and it was memorable.

    I still find myself and others quoting lines from the film frequently. I wish I could believe the remake will even touch the magic of the original… history has taught me that it never happens. Either way, I applaud the folks who reckognized this film as “one of the greats” enough to attempt to revive it.

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