Frankie Machine


An ex mob hit man (De Niro) living in rural comfort is lured back into his former profession by the scheming son of a Mafia Don.

Release Date

2010 (USA)


Robert De Niro

Interesting Fact

The film is also titled as The Winter of Frankie Machine

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The Good

The cast includes Robert De Niro which is a credible name in the industry also the movie is directed by Michael Mann who has directed some very good movies like Heat, The Insider, Collateral, The Aviator and his latest movie Public Enemies

The Bad

Robert De Niro is too old to play Frankie Machine


  1. Robert De Niro is NOT too old to be Frankie Machine. If anything, he is the right age. Frankie Machine is supposed to be an old guy. In the book, Frankie has a daughter who is in her twenties.
    De Niro may technically be about 70, but he looks like he’s only in his early 60s.

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