For Colored Girls (2011)


For Colored Girls in the next movie by Tyler Perry based on the play by Ntozake Shange, which is about 20 nameless African American women and their experiences.

Tyler Perry continues to employ 90% of the African Americans in Hollywood, this time with For Colored Girls. The story of the play shows different women dealing with issues such as rape, abortion, and domestic violence within the African American community. The are currently few details as to whether Perry will change the structure of the play to work together as a film or not.

The Scoop

Tyler Perry continues to be a major player in the film industry while keeping out of the Hollywood scene. No word yet as to which of the scenarios in the play will be changed to accommodate a man dressed as a fat old black lady, but no doubt the trailer will tell us.

Note: Madea is not currently set to appear in For Colored Girls.

Who’s It For?

No word yet, although the serious nature of the project could mean it will be R. On the other hand, Perry may decide it needs to be seen by younger audiences and make it PG-13.

Movie Release Date

January 14, 2011.

Who’s In It?

Thandie Newton
Whoopi Goldberg
Omari Hardwick
Kerry Washington
Loretta Devine
Anika Noni Rose
Janet Jackson
Phylicia Rashad

Interesting Fact

Old Spice dude Isaiah Mustafa was supposed to play a small role in For Colored Girls before switching to the next Tyler Perry Madea film.

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What’s Good About It?

Perry has a talent for making good movies on a small budget, and this looks to be one of the more serious of his films. I doubt he’ll take the subject matter lightly. The play won a Tony Award in 1977 for best play, so it will bring in a substantial audience outside of Perry’s traditional fanbase and may even win a few awards for the film.

What’s Bad About It?

Perry has some acclaim under his belt, but mostly for blending drama with comedy. For Colored Girls may prove too heavy a subject for him.

Our Clever Prediction

No doubt it will be a success on a very similar level to all of Tyler Perry’s films. I’m curious to see in For Colored Girls will win the critical praise that the play did, and if it does, then the movie may be a lot bigger than Perry’s traditional offerings.

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