New Footloose Movie – Remake for 2011


A Footloose remake? Well, yes. I can spot a kid who grew up in the 80’s a mile away when I’m at a wedding. When the Kenny Loggins hit song ‘Footloose’ starts rockin, the mid 30-40 yr olds run to the floor to relive a moment of their youth.

So when I heard the news of a Footloose remake I was sort of happy, but again kind of sad. You see, there’s no reason to remake this movie, it was a corny 80’s flick that was a hit because of Kevin Bacon, the soundtrack and the typical ridiculous 80’s plot that just couldn’t be done again. Or can it?

New Footloose Movie Trailer

A New Footloose Movie?

Ready or not, here it comes. Yeah, they went and did it again to all of us kids of the 80’s.

Footloose now has a director (Craig Brewer), and a hot young actress to portray Ariel (Julianne Hough ). Apparently Kenny Wormald  will take over Kevin Bacon’s role of oppressed dance maniac, Ren McCormack, a boy who comes to a small town where rock music and dancing have been banned.

You know what would be awesome? If they remade Footloose and rap music was banned. I could totally get into that. All the kids would be protesting with their hats on sideways, pants down to their knees, Ed Hardy everywhere. I think I just came up with the plot for another Footloose sequel in a couple years.

So What’s New in the remake?

The story isn’t new, but the character replacements are pretty good. I like Julianne Hough as the new Ariel, and Dennis Quaid as the preacher, is a great replacement for John Lithgow. Remember the character ‘Rusty’ in the old Footloose, played by Sarah Jessica Parker? Ziah Colon takes this character and runs with it now, she is another new actor, with very little under her belt.

Sadly, Christopher Penn died but his character ‘Willard’ will live on with Miles Teller performing the role.

Footloose Release Date

The new Footloose movie hits theaters October 14th 2011

Who’s In Footlose?

Julianne Hough is confirmed, which is a good thing, and here’s the new updated cast :

Kenny Wormald … Ren MacCormack
Julianne Hough … Ariel Moore
Dennis Quaid … Rev. Shaw Moore
Ziah Colon … Rusty Rodriguez
Ray McKinnon … Wes Warnicker
Miles Teller … Willard
Ser’Darius William Blain … Woody
Patrick John Flueger … Chuck Cranston
Andie MacDowell … Vi Moore
Maggie Jones … Amy Warnicker

Interesting Fact

Hayden Panettiere tried, but failed for the lead female role of Ariel. Thank goodness! Comparing Julianne Hough to Panettiere is like replacing Brad Pitt with Abe Vigoda.

What’s Good About It?

Finally, the character Ariel Moore will have breasts, as Lori Singer was totally flat yet Julianne Hough is loaded up top. We appreciate this. Right guys? Right? *High Five* Is there anyone better for the role of Ariel than Julianne Hough? Sexy, talented and I’m secretly in love with her, although I guess the secrets out now.

What’s Bad About It?

Remakes. A Footloose remake just isn’t necessary! I don’t want to dance when I get angry, even in an empty warehouse, does anyone?

Our Clever Prediction

The Footloose remake will probably be a huge success, and yes we’ll check it out and relive our youth. Hypocrites, every single one of us. However if the remake The Breakfast Club, I’m done with Hollywood forever.


  1. initially the director wanted a Puerto Rican character to take the role. Happens to be that the same director directed the remake film and got what he wanted originally…

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