Fireflies in the Garden (2011)


Fireflies in the Garden is a touchy feely semi-autobiographical film about how an unexpected death can tear apart a family, but also maybe cause them to heal old wounds and come back stronger than ever.

Basically Willem Dafoe plays an abusive son of a bitch who gives Ryan Reynold’s character emotional scars. When Julia Roberts dies, the glue that held the family together is gone, and bad crap happens.

I’m guessing by the end Dafoe tells his son how proud he is, and that his son has grown into a good man, blah blah blah.

Wake me if boobies appear.

Fireflies in the Garden

Partially based on a poem by Robert Frost, Fireflies in the Garden was written and directed by Dennis Lee, who also made… stuff I’ve never heard of.

Well, he has a great cast!

Fireflies in the Garden Trailer

Movie Release Date

October 14, 2011.


Who’s In It?

Ryan Reynolds … Michael Waechter
  Willem Dafoe … Charles Waechter
  Emily Watson … Jane Lawrence
  Carrie Anne Moss¹ … Kelly Hanson
  Julia Roberts … Lisa Waechter
  Ioan Gruffudd … Addison
  Hayden Panettiere … Young Jane Lawrence
  Shannon Lucio … Ryne Taylor
  Cayden Boyd … Young Michael Taylor
  George Newburn¹ … Jimmy Lawrence
  Chase Ellison … Christopher Lawrence
  Brooklynn Proulx … Leslie Lawrence
  Diane Perella … Flight Attendant
  Natalie Karp … Social Worker
  Reverend John Stennfeld¹ … Reverend Byers

What’s Good About It?

I’ll give Fireflies in the Garden one thing, and that’s the casting of Julia Roberts as a woman whose smile lights up the world. It totally does!

What’s Bad About It?

Meh. It’s mostly about the writer/director’s screwed up life. While that normally means he’s digging deep into true emotion and what not, I feel like it’s become a cliché. Seriously, wake me if boobies show up on screen.

Our Clever Prediction

Fireflies in the Garden has a pretty good cast, although Ryan Reynolds has proven himself to be a crappy box office draw this summer, with the tanking of Green Lantern (I’m actually wearing a Green Lantern shirt right now, and I hated the movie) and the funny, but ultimately bomb of The Change-Up. Julia Roberts isn’t the draw she used to be, and the film doesn’t look good enough to get awards. I’m thinking… BOMBS AWAY!