Film News : Superman Plot Revealed!


Yes! Finally we are told what the new Superman movie is going to be about, and guess what? It sort of stinks. Sorry folks, looks like another terrible Superman movie.

Well thanks for nothing David S. Goyer. You teased us with your talents for the Batman franchise, but it appears you are going to ruin the new Superman movies. I know it may seem a little early to jump on the hate bandwagon, but lets look at the facts about the Superman – Man Of Steel coming in 2012.

Superman: Man of Steel

Here’s what we know : the new Superman movie (Read our full preview) will be set in two places. Metropolis (duh) and .. wait for it.. West Africa. No kidding. Here’s the worst part, Clark Kent is dead sent on solving the violence between two large tribes in West Africa. Thanks Clark, appreciate it. Because with all the problems in the world, we really care about two tribes in Africa going at it.

The real world solution would be maybe a North/South Korea confrontation, that we could relate to. But Africa?

Why not just bring them some water and food instead Clark, you bonehead, maybe a little electricity? Wait, there’s more…

After he uses his super powers in Africa, he heads back home to discover his roots. How many times does a Superman movie have to do this soul searching angle? We all know the story, he’s superman, he really doesn’t have that many problems to bring him down.

Is this interesting to anyone? I want to see Superman battle his enemies, not solve disputes in Africa. We already watched him fall in love with Lois time and time again, we know he had a kid after the last Superman movie, so what the heck are they doing here?

Well, I no longer have any passion for the 2012 Superman movie thanks to this news, do you?


  1. Thank you! Allot of people were cutting down “X-Men First class” with little information. It has allot more to do with how good a job they do. As long as they stay away from campy and corny, I’m glad to see a remake.

  2. why not just re-do superman set in the 1930s just like the original comics, it hasn’t been done before, and keeps true to the original story, instead of making another classic into a political statement.
    people want to escape from reality in movies, not drown in current issues continually on the big screen.

  3. I think that they should have made the new movie an extension of Superman returns. Explore the angle about his and lois son. they should have it where somehow a vilian finds out about the boy and sets out to kidnap him and turn him into a super criminal.

  4. Jimbo:
    What do they mean by not using Tom Welling for the superman role!If not, then how about someone airing a sequel to Smallville.Perhaps the New Adventures of Superman, starring Tom, of course.

    As for the next superman movie, I think an stopping a hostile alien invasion would have been more appropriate.

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