Film Festivals Directory

Here are the remaining Film Festivals for the 2010 Year. The list is still huge, so if you want to be listed in our directory, ask us. This list is world wide, and includes all the updated contact information and links.

Film Festivals Directory

September 9-19
Toronto International Film Festival (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
September 10-19
Burbank Film Festival (Burbank, California, USA)
September 15-19
Çanakkale Troia Film Festival (Çanakkale, Turkey)
September 15-19
Pyrenees International Short film Festival (Berga, Barcelona, Spain)
September 15-26
Napa Sonoma Wine Country Film Festival (Glen Ellen, California, USA)
September 16-25
Atlantic Film Festival (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
September 16-26
Cambridge Film Festival (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
September 17-18
Eight – The International Short Film Festival on 8 MDGs (New Delhi, India)
September 17-19
Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival (Seattle, Washington, USA)
September 17-19
Black Earth Film Festival (Galesburg, Illinois, USA)
September 17-23
26th Annual Boston Film Festival (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
September 18-25
Naperville Independent Film Festival (Naperville, Illinois, USA)
September 22-29
Great Lakes International Film Festival (Erie, Pennsylvania, USA)
September 22-October 2
Trinidad+Tobago Film Festival (Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago)
September 23-26
Williamsburg International Film Festival (New York, New York, USA)
September 23-26
Friars Club Comedy Film Festival (New York, New York, USA)
September 24-26
Coney Island Film Festival (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
September 24-26
The Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Palm Springs, California, USA)
September 24-October 2
Edmonton International Film Festival (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
September 24-26
Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival (Birmingham, Alabama, USA)
September 28 – October 2
Vancouver Film & TV Forum (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
September 29-October 3
San Diego Film Festival (San Diego, California, USA)
September 29-October 3
The Clearwater Film Festival (Clearwater, Florida, USA)
September 29-October 3
Woodstock Film Festival (Woodstock, New York, USA)
September 30 – October 2
Canberra Short Film Festival (Canberra, Australia)
September 30 – October 3
Chicago International Reel Shorts Film Fest (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
September 30 – October 15
Vancouver International Film Festival (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
October 1-5
Korean Film Festival in Australia KOFFIA (Sydney, Australia)
October 1-5
Scottsdale International Film Festival (Scottsdale, Arizona, USA)
October 1-6
Open St. Petersburg Student Film Festival Beginning (St. Petersburg, Russia)
October 1-11
WildRivers 101 Film Festival (Humboldt County, California, USA)
October 3-9
Filmshift Festival and Screenplay Contest (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
October 5-9
Artivist Film Festival (Hollywood, California, USA)
October 6-9
Blue Water Film Festival (Port Huron, Michigan, USA)
October 7-9
Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
October 7-10
Eugene International Film Festival (Eugene, Oregon, USA)
October 7-11
Hamptons International Film Festival (East Hampton, New York, USA)
October 7-16
DC Asian Pacific American (APA) Film Festival (Washington, DC, USA)
October 7-17
Mill Valley Film Festival (San Rafael, California, USA)
October 7-17
Chicago International Film Festival (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
October 10-18
FREAK SHOW Horror Film Festival (Orlando, Florida, USA)
October 11-17
Toronto Hispano-American Film Festival (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
October 11-17
Rencontres Internationales du Cinéma des Antipodes (Saint-Tropez, France)
October 14-17
Urban Mediamakers Film Festival (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
October 14-19
Bel Air Film Festival (Los Angeles, California, USA)
October 14-23
Heartland Film Festival (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)
October 14-24
Philadelphia Film Festival (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
October 15-17
Big Bear Horror Film Festival (Big Bear Lake, CA, USA)
October 15-17
Downbeach Film Festival (Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA)
October 15-24
Williamstown Film Festival (Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA)
October 15-28
San Francisco Documentary Festival (San Francisco, California, USA)
October 14-17
FirstGlance Film Fest Philadelphia TwentyTen (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
October 15-17
Moving Image Film Festival (Toronto, Canada)
October 15-17
Telluride Horror Show (Telluride, Colorado)
October 15-23
International Christian Film Festival In South Africa (Cape Town, South Africa)
October 16
ZedFest Film Festival & Screenplay Competition (North Hollywood, California, USA)
October 19-23
Terror Film Festival (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
October 22-25
Hollywood Film Festival (Hollywood, California, USA)
October 22-30
Berlin & Beyond Film Festival (San Francisco, California, USA)
October 26-30
St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival (St. John’s, Canada)
October 22-30
Berlin & Beyond Film Festival (San Francisco, California, USA)
October 27-November 7
Canberra Film Festival (Canberra, Australia)
October 29-31
VIEW Fest (Turin, Italy)
October 29-31
Super Shorts International Film Festival 2010 (London, England, UK)
October 29-November 3
International North South Media Forum (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso)
October 29 – November 4
Istanbul International 1001 Documentary Film Festival (Istanbul, Turkey)
October 30
British Horror Film Festival (Poole, UK)
October 30-31
Horror UK´s 28 Hours Later (Farham, UK)
October 30-November 6
Kerry Film Festival (County Kerry, Ireland)
October 31-November 5

International Filmfestival Landau – La.Meko
(Landau, Germany)
November 3-9
Chilereality Documentary Film Festival (Chillán, región del Bío-Bío, Chile)
November 3-9
Cine//B Film Festival (Santiago, Chile)
November 4-6
24fps International Short Film Festival (Abilene, Texas, USA)
November 4-7
Naples International Film Festival (Naples, Florida, USA)
November 4-7
Virginia Film Festival (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA)
November 4-11
River’s Edge Film Festival (Paducah, Kentucky, USA)
November 4-13
Reeling 2010: The 29th Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
November 4-14
Brisbane International Film Festival (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
November 9-18
Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark)
November 11-21
Costa Rica International Film Festival (Manuel Antonio and Montezuma, Costa Rica)
November 12-13
Shockfest Film Festival (Hollywood, California, USA)
November 12-14
LA Film Weekend (Beverly Hills, California, USA)
November 12-14
MockFilmFest (Hollywood, California, USA)
November 12-21
CINESONIKA: The First International Film and Video Festival of Innovative Sound Design (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
November 13-21
25th Mar del Plata International Film Festival (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
November 15-December 6
Zero Film Festival (Los Angeles, California & New York, New York, USA)
November 16-20
Jordan Short Film Festival (Amman, Jordan)
November 19-21
Breast Fest Film Festival (Toronto, Canada)
November 20-24
11th Sleepwalkers Student and Short Film Festival (Tallinn, Estonia)
November 25-28
Dawn Breakers International Film Festival (San Diego, California, USA)
November 26-27
WILDsound Film Festival (Toronto, Canada)
December 1-5
Whistler Film Festival (Whistler, Canada)
December 3-6
Anchorage International Film Festival (Anchorage, Alaska, USA)
December 4-7
Newport International Film Festival – Wales (Poole, UK)

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