Faces in the Crowd (2011)


Faces in the Crowd is a thriller drama starring Milla Jovovich as a woman who witnesses a murder, but then suffers a head injury and develops face-blindness, which is apparently a real medical condition where you can’t recognize people’s faces. She’s the only one who saw the killer, and she can’t recognize him.

Then she kills zombies.

No? Well, it WOULD have been a cool start to the next Resident Evil.

Honestly, I’ve basically said everything you need to know about this film. It’s gonna be terrible. Too high concept. Blah.

Faces in the Crowd

This monkey taint was written and directed by Julien Magnat, who can’t recognize a good story.

But he’s the only one who ever SAW a good story! And now… aw screw it. This jag’s last film was called Blood Malory, and I think it was about a hot redheaded chick who fights demons. Now THAT sounds like a good Milla Jovovich movie!

Faces in the Crowd Trailer

Faces in the Crowd Release Date

In theaters TBA, but it’ll be on DVD October 25, 2011.

Clearly, a good film.


Who’s In It?

 Milla Jovovich … Anna Marchant
  Sarah Wayne Callies … Francine
  Michael Shanks … Bryce
  Julian McMahon … Kerrest
  Sandrine Holt … Nina #6
  Adam John Harrington¹ … Bryce #8
  Marianne Faithfull … Dr. Langenkamp
  Valentina Vargas … Nina
  Anthony Lemke … Bryce #3
  Kirsten Robek … Francine #3
  Sebastien Roberts … Lanyon/Stranger/Lurker
  Nels Lennarson … Kerrest #2
  Stephen Huszar … Bryce #4
  David Ingram … Bryce #2
  Jeff Pangman … Bryce #11
  David Atrakchi … Lanyon
  John B. Lowe … Headmaster

What’s Good About It?

Milla Jovovich is still insanely hot. Stupid movie choices aside, she’s hot.

What’s Bad About It?

Stupid movie choice.

Our Clever Prediction

Uh… BOMB. But don’t feel bad for the filmmakers, they can’t recognize bombs…

And they’re the only ones who have SEEN one!