Evil Dead IV (2011)


Evil Dead IV will follow the continuing adventures of Ash, played no doubt by Bruce Campbell, as he fights the forces of evil in whatever time, location, and manner he pleases.

It is not yet known if the film will be a direct sequel to Army of Darkness, which was kind of a sequel to Evil Dead 2, or if the film will be a whole new story. Director Sam Raimi is hard at work on the script, and since he is now off Spider-man 4, the film may very well be made.

Who’s It For?

It’ll probably follow the others and be R.

Evil Dead 4 Release Date

Without a finished script, I doubt we’ll see it before 2012, but it may be finished for a late 2011 release.

Who’s In It?

Bruce Campbell… Ash

Related Movies

Evil Dead 1 & @, Army of Darkness, Spider-man 1, 2, & 3, Drag Me to Hell.

What’s Good About It?

It’s Raimi coming back for another round of Evil Dead fun. With his increased clout in recent years because of Spider-man, he may be able to get enough money to do some really crazy stuff.

What’s Bad About It?

It may or may not be made, and it would be a great injustice to tease me with another Evil Dead.

Our Clever Prediction

It’ll sweep the Oscars, make twice the money of Avatar, and lead to Bruce Campbell being elected of the United States of America, and then president of Earth. A reign of peace for a thousand years will follow. Crazy accurate prediction.

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  1. u cant rush it…. yes i hope thy make it soon but its art u know….
    i love evil dead so much and if evil dead iv is anything like the others it will kill the box office.

  2. we need this movie the 80’s babys will suffer greatly not knowing what happend to ash , i grew up watchin theis films please hurry . rush rush rush their are awsome locations in 0regon , their are mad zombies aswell hurry

  3. this will be great in 2011, a evil dead IV movie, starring bruce
    campbell that is so cool, as he was spidey’s tour guide,
    and now in this movie he is challenging, the army of darkness,
    oh i hope he lives in this 2011 movie, this is tight, says, brandin
    lee detroy,.., from mesquite, tx, oh, and bruce campbell tell sam
    rami to let tobey maguire stay as peter parker/spider-man 4 comming by may 6th 2011, and tell him get rid of that andrew garfield guy, i hate em,

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