How Do You Know (2010)


The latest comedy drama mash up by James L. Brooks, Everything You’ve Got tells the tale of a professional softball player who finds herself in a love triangle.

I think I should add that the film seems to incorporate some fantasy elements. When was the last time you heard of a professional softball player who was into dudes? Right, and I rode a unicorn to work today. Still, Reese Witherspoon kinda looks like a professional softball player. Big thighs.


Just watch the Dinner for Schmucks trailer and a softball montage halfway through. Or visit this page often to see the trailer when it debuts.

The Scoop

Brooks has said that film is about two people meeting on the worst day of their lives, and how after some events, you can’t go back to the way things were before. Add in a little romance, comedy, softball, and you have some Oscar bait. So formulaic.

Who’s It For?

I’d guess R. Nothing confirmed yet.

Movie Release Date

December 17, 2010

Who’s In It?

Reese Witherspoon… Lisa Jorgenson
Paul Rudd… George
Jack Nicholson… Charles
Owen Wilson… Manny
Kathryn Hahn … Annie

Interesting Fact

The film was originally titled How do You Know, and Brooks has said it may undergo yet another title change before release, which would totally mess up my preview.

Related Movies

Spanglish, As Good as it Gets, Dinner for Schmucks, A League of their Own

What’s Good About It?

Brooks has a great feel for the dramatic comedy. Spanglish had its flaws, namely Adam Sandler, but As Good as it Gets was fantastic, and he has Jack Nicholson back, with Paul Rudd, who’s become an extremely solid actor as of late.

What’s Bad About It?

Reese Witherspoon is annoying. Hopefully, the film doesn’t go too hard for the Oscar and instead just focuses on being a great film.

Our Clever Prediction

Witherspoon and Nicholson are Oscar darlings, as is Brooks. The box office will be solid, and there may be a few nominations. The hardcore softball community will rally behind the film, similar to the gay community following Brokeback Mountain. Unfortunately, no one will care.

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