Every Day (2011)


Every Day (two words) is a comedy about the troubles in a New York couple’s relationship. Especially when a sexy babe enters the mix.

Oh, Carla Gugino, whose marriage won’t you ruin? I was married once, to a lass named… Mary, and she fell for you. True story. I only paused when remembering her name because I’ve tried to repress those memories, not because I made it up. On a side note, if any fellas out there are heartbroken because of their dissolved marriage to a woman named Mary who fell in love with Carla Gugino, I feel your pain and would love to hear more about your story in the comments. Don’t forget to call me a prick at the beginning, or I won’t know that you’re talking to me.

Anyways, Ned and Jeannie are having marriage troubles, then Robin, aka minx, enters the mix. She totally messes things up, and I’m thinking Ned will either almost make a mistake or make an awesome, boobie filled mistake and then they’ll have to see if they can work through it. Boobie filled.


Nope. Nada. Trailer? Nah.

The Scoop

This is Richard Levine’s first film, although he’s worked in TV for a long time, writing and producing shows such as Scoundrels (it’s okay if you haven’t heard of it, no one else has either) and Nip/Tuck. This is a big thing for him, as he’s writing and directing the film. Oops. Fail.

Who’s It For?

R for language, drug use and sexual content. Please let sexual content mean Bjs.

Movie Release Date

January 14, 2011. Limited.

Who’s In It?

Carla Gugino … Robin
Liev Schreiber … Ned
Helen Hunt … Jeannie
Eddie Izzard … Garrett
Brian Dennehy … Ernie

Interesting Fact

The tag line for the film is “Not quite the party you signed up for…” Which is funny, cause I always sign up for parties. And if we buy a ticket, then we’re sort of signing up. And who signs up for parties? I guess you could RSVP, but that’s not really the same as signing up. It’s not a badminton class.

Related Movies

Rambo (cause of Brian Dennehy), She’s Just Not that Into You, The Break-up, Last Night

What’s Good About It?

Carla Gugino, yowza, Helen Hunt, I’d like to see her cun-. Never mind. I’m not terribly excited for this.

What’s Bad About It?

I’m not sure I can buy Sabertooth as a husband. It just doesn’t work for me.

Our Clever Prediction

It will tank. The film come out in about two and a half months, and there isn’t a trailer yet. Limited release, they cast Eddie Izzard, yeah, this’ll tank.

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