Elysium (2013)


Elysium is awesome director Neill Blomkamp’s (District 9) next science fiction masterpiece. There is next to no information on the film, although, like District 9, the film will have political overtones while also being badass.

Honestly, there’s next to nothing on the film, but part of it will take place in a futuristic, and possibly partially destroyed, California, while the bulk of the film will take place on another planet. And there’s Matt Damon.


Neill Blomkamp rocked my ass so hard with District 9 that it’s still hard to sit.

Wait… what? Never mind. Let’s just say I liked the film, and I have high hopes for Elysium.

Elysium Trailer

Elysium Release Date

August 9, 2013.


Who’s In It?

 Matt Damon
  Jodie Foster
  William Fichtner
  Diego Luna … Julio
  Alice Braga
  Michael Shanks
  Talisa Soto
  Sharlto Copley
  Carly Pope
  Faran Tahir
  Ona Grauer
  Wagner Moura
  Catherine Lough Haggquist
  Terry Chen

What’s Good About It?

It’s Neill Blomkamp. AND HE’S AWESOME. With all the power he’s gained from the success of District 9 he’ll be able to do what he wants with the film. So win, win, win.

What’s Bad About It?

Nothing, it even has Jodie Foster!

Our Clever Prediction

Have you seen Alice Braga? Bonerville: population me. This movie is going to be really good, and there’s a hot babe. It’ll make good money, make nerds (ME!) write complex analysis, and maybe get nominated for a few prestigious awards. Just… maybe.