Drive (2011)


In what should be a prequel (it isn’t) to Drive Angry, Drive is about a nameless stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver for bank heists when… something goes wrong. That always happens.

Not a ton is known about Drive right now, but it does star Carey Mulligan. So I’m going to see it. Twice. I saw Wall Street Two, and I hate Shia Labeouf.

Since there’s so little known, I shall instead regale you with a tale from the set that I read a while back. The film also stars Christina Hendricks, who looks hot on Mad Men, but otherwise is just a big gal. In Drive, she is dressed in fairly low key clothes, nothing like what she wears on Man Men, and since she’s such a big gal, and looks (apparently) fairly skanky, she was approached, ON SET, by a man who offered her money for sex. Cause he thought she was a prostitute. This is actually one of my favorite stories ever.

The Scoop

Drive is being directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, who wrote and directed Bronson, which absolutely rocked and launched the career of Tom Hardy, who will be in The Dark Knight Rises. He also directed Valhalla Rising, which I’ve heard was really good, but I never saw it… so it must not have been THAT good.


Who’s It For?

No rating yet, but I’m guessing R.


Movie Release Date

September 16, 2011.

Who’s In It?

 Ryan Gosling … Driver
  Carey Mulligan … Irene
  Christina Hendricks … Blanche
  Ron Perlman … Nino
  Bryan Cranston … Shannon
  Oscar Isaac … Standard Guzman
  Albert Brooks … Bernie Rose
  Joe Pingue
  Tina Huang
  Tiara Parker … Cindy
  James Biberi … Chris ‘Cook’
  Jeff Wolfe
  Christian Cage … Christian
  Chris Muto … Jack
  Chris Smith
  River Stone Mckeever … Shopper

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What’s Good About It?

Ryan Gosling doesn’t completely suck ass, which is surprising given his birth country, and Carey Mulligan is a goddess.

What’s Bad About It?

I hate it when movies get cute with the name of the characters. Driver. What stupid name.

Our Clever Prediction

Medium level success. It paves the way for Carey and I to fall in love, have half breed children (half muggle, half wizard. All English people are wizards, right?) and Ryan Gosling realizes that he’s a pansy.


  1. Please forgive my spelling I have recently had surgery on my right hand and I tipe with two hands:) ps I do think this movie should get some sort of reward… Cheers to the movie of the center Drive!!!!!

  2. I also would like to say that this movie has a great cast Ryan gosling, Carey mulligan ect… There is also a breath taking new comer named kaden leos who enters the wourld of film and movies like he is a professional actor and at times made me really grasp my emotions.!

  3. I saw this movie it is surprisingly well paced and the unfolds nicely and there is plenty of action!!! At the second you think you have figured the plot it takes a smooth turn and impresses you. The name Driver is not cute in any way it adds a sort of suspence and aw in film.

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