DragonMan and the Poseidon Encounter (2011)


DragonMan and the Poseidon Encounter follows the story of Luke Starr, aka Dragonman, a seemingly normal teenaged boy who secretly weilds massive powers and is destined to save the far-off planet of Spellville.

The book series is written by Ted Lazaris, whose own name is better than that of his hero. The Poseidon Encounter is actually the second book of his series, following Dragonman: The Adventures of Luke Starr. The story is very similar to that of Spider-man, with the hero having to juggle regular high school life with that of his super-hero alter ego. Unlike Spider-man, this guy’s name is Dragonman, which sounds ridiculous.

Who’s It For?

Kid’s movie, PG at most.

Movie Release Date

Movie is still in the script revision stage, with no director attached. Late 2011 at earliest, but 2012 is more likely.

Who’s In It?

No casting yet.

Related Movies

Spider-man, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Harry Potter.

What’s Good About It?

This type of story has made for some hugely successful films (see above), and while Dragonman may skew a little younger, it could still make two or three boatloads of money.

What’s Bad About It?

It’s called Dragonman. I came up with better names on the back of my 8th Grade math notebooks.

Our Clever Prediction

The rights to the books were probably bought just in case the book series took off and became the next Twilight. In today’s film climate, with Twilight, Harry Potter, and a whole slew of other films trying to capitalize on the same success, any book that’s halfway decent is going to be bought right away. Who knows? Maybe with a big enough budget and a good director it could turn into the next Harry Potter.

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