Dirty Girl (2011)


Dirty Girl is about the high school slut in 1987. Otherwise known as YOUR MOM. Basically the slut goes on a cross country trip with her gay friend to find her dad. YOUR MOM.

Honestly, watch the trailer. It looks like the story behind an Avril Lavigne song. Meaning it’s gonna be the best thing ever!!!
The girl likes pulling out, pretending sacks of flour are babies, and wearing big sunglasses. And she’s a maneater.
How is that not an Avril Lavigne song?

Dirty Girl

Abe Sylvia wrote and directed Dirty Girl. This is his first feature length film. It’s about Avril Lavigne. Did I already mention that it’ll be the greatest film of all time? Cause it will be. The film has a decent amount of star power, as Jovovich and William Macy are also in the film. Films like this usually succeed when the nerdy guy ends up getting the hot chick, but since that isn’t happening here, we are a little negative about Dirty Girl.

Still,  Juno Temple is a young attractive talent and Jovovich is usually spectacular in anything she does. However, a limited release means its hard to see this one, so look for it on DVD.

Dirty Girl Trailer

Dirty Girl Release Date

Limited release on October 7, 2011.


Who’s In It?

 Juno Temple … Danielle
  Milla Jovovich … Sue-Ann
  William H. Macy … Ray
  Mary Steenburgen … Peggy
  Nicholas D’Agosto … Joel
  Elsie Fisher … Tiffany
  Tim McGraw … Danny
  Dwight Yoakam … Joseph
  Brian Baumgartner … Concierge
  Maeve Quinlan … Janet
  Jonathan Slavin … Mr Potter
  Nate Hartley … Charlie
  Jack Kehler … Doc Shelby
  Brent Briscoe … Officer perry
  Gary Grubbs … Principal Mulray
  Jeremy Dozier … Clarke
  Pat Healy … Billy
  Jernard Burks … Bus Driver

What’s Good About It?

Do you love Avril Lavigne as much as I do? Then you’ll be happy. She’s like a modern day Lady Gaga.

What’s Bad About It?

It doesn’t STAR Avril Lavigne. For shame.

Our Clever Prediction

Just to be clear. I think this film is going to be a turd. TURD TURD TURD. I know enough sluts. For instance, YOUR MOM.

But seriously, it has a limited release and it’s gonna be a turd.