Devil (2010)


Devil (2010) is a new movie from the most overrated Writer in Hollywood, M. Night Shymalan. The man who always seems to land another job, a man who has ridden the success of The Sixth Sense to the absolute end. So what can you expect in his new movie, named ‘Devil’?

So what separates this new Shyamalan shitfest from his last 5 disasters? Well, nothing really, because you know ‘Devil’ is going to blow. In his newest epic flop, a group of people trapped in a elevator realize that the devil is among them. The Devil has taken over this elevator, and the building. Does this remind anyone else of an old Iron Maiden song?

Ohhh, sounds like a real hoot. A movie where 90% of the film takes place in an elevator… but wait, there’s more… the movie also leads us to a finale where the Devil will actually appear…. (spoiler below if you want to see the Devil ini the screencap)

‘Devil’ reminds us a little too much of The Village, where you just have to believe not much will actually ever happen in this movie either. Shyamalan has lost all confidence in most of us, his films are just incredibly dull and mostly predictable.

You see, what Shyamalan has done is improved his trailer skills, so he gets you excited to see his horrible movies. But wait, you be the judge, check out his new trailer for ‘Devil’.

Devil Trailer

Devil Spoiler

I did a screencap of the ‘Devil’ in the elevator, and judging by the dark skin and bare chest, the Devil has to be ‘Bowden’. There, I just saved you 40$. Nice mask Mr Devil, you asshole.

'Devil' Screenshot from the upcoming movie
Screenshot from the movie \’Devil\’ reveals the Devil.

Who’s It For?

People who think M. Night Shyamalan can make one more movie of any value or substance.

Movie Release Date

‘Devil’ hits theaters Sept 17th 2010.

Who’s In It?

Nobody famous whatsoever, and I say this with all honesty. M. Night Shyamalan has lost such an insane amount of credibility that he couldn’t find a single lead actor you’ve heard of to participate in the movie.

What’s Good About It?

The trailer will be the best part of this movie, you can count on it.

What’s Bad About It?

Anything M. Night Shyamalan touches, in the last 10 years, is absolute shit. Lets hope this is the last movie the man makes for a few years.

Our Clever Prediction

We wouldn’t even rent this, so just let us know what you think later this year.

Useless M Night Fact

the “m” in “M. Night Shylaman” stands for “morning”

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  1. i realize that this is a preview not a review, but try to see each movie as a new start. Despite the fact that you seem to have a biased opinion of M. Night Shyamalan, i believe if you looked at his movies through another lens you might enjoy them. They are not meant to be scary in the conventional way, but more in a thought provoking “what if that really happened” sort of way. I respect your opinion only if you respect the person you are giving your opinion about.

  2. friendlydrbobo,

    Yeah I thought it was suspenseful and I enjoyed trying to figure out which one was the devil, though the storytelling and filmmaking isn’t anything new or different…sort of reminds me of the movie Seven. I really feel M. Night should just stick to what he’s good at instead of trying to be so commercial like the disaster of TLA.

  3. I too that M.N.S. had run his course, but Devil was amazing. If you let yourself go and get deep into it, it is brilliant. More suspenseful than scary (until the end anyway). On the edge of my seat the whole way from the upside down opening to the right side up closing. Bravo.

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