Deadpool (2016) Movie preview and video

Deadpool 2016 Movie

Deadpool is the upcoming superhero movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin. The movie has been in the making since 2004, and it’s journey to the big screen is almost here. So many delays, rewrites and production costs have delayed Deadpool, that it’s just a miracle they finally got around to shooting the movie. Deadpool is being directed by Tim Miller, a relatively new face to hand the reins over to for a large production such as this. Come to think of it, Ryan Reynolds is an odd choice , considering his awful Green Lantern performance. Why hand the role of Deadpool to such a person? Nobody knows.

The story revolves around Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth. In the comics he was horribly disfigured and driven insane after an experiment to heal him of cancer. He possesses the same healing factor as Wolverine from the X-Men films. Deadpool has now been moved to 2012, it won’t be finished in 2011. Expect a combination of over the top action and comedy from Ryan Reynolds. No director has come on board yet, so there’s plenty of time for speculating.

Deadpool had a small cameo in in X-Men Origins: Wolverine , which left most of us disappointed. We thought they would include him a little more considering his spin-off wasn’t far away, but they never.

Deadpool Trailer

Nothing yet , but here’s some test footage they shot

Release Date

Deadpool is a Feb 2016 release date now.

Who’s In It?

Ryan Reynolds… Wade Wilson/Deapool, Morena Baccarin.

What’s Good About It?

People have been asking for Ryan Reynolds to play Deadpool for years, maybe this will be his chance to do a decent job. The writers for Zombieland have signed on, so the tone may end up right, just waiting for a director to come in and bring the proper vision to the project.

What’s Bad About It?

Have you seen X-Men Origins: Wolverine? That film doesn’t exactly inspire hope. Hopefully they completely ignore the previous incarnation of Deadpool and just make a new story from scratch.

Our Clever Prediction

If it’s done properly, it would be awesome but still have a limited appeal. Odds are it’ll fall short of expectations.

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