Cyrus (2010)


With John’s social life at a standstill and his ex-wife about to get remarried, a down on his luck divorcee finally meets the woman of his dreams, only to discover she has another man in her life – her son. Still single seven years after the breakup of his marriage, John has all but given up on romance.

The Scoop

What appears to be a complete rip of Mr Woodcock, the 2010 movie Cyrus deals with the comedy surrounding a new relationship. Cyrus (played by Jonah Hill) is his mom’s best friend and shares an unconventional relationship with her.

Cyrus will go to any lengths to protect his mom (Molly) and is definitely not ready to share her with anyone, especially John. Really? Jonah HIll playing another whacky fat adolescent in a movie? This is all we have for Hill after all these years?

Hilarity ensues (just kidding) as we are shown the out-of-this-world (still kidding) circumstances that take place.

Why you care

You thoughts this was a movie about Miley Cyrus.

Cyrus Trailer

Check out the official site for more details and the trailer :

Cyrus Official Site

Movie Release Date

This is a planned October 2010 release.

Who’s In It?

John C. Reilly, Jonah Hill, Marisa Tomei, Catherine Keener, Matt Walsh

What’s Good About It?

Hey, at least it’s not in 3-D

What’s Bad About It?

You think Marisa Tomei is going to be nude in this movie, but you’d be wrong. My John C. Reilly quota was all used up after Step Brothers.

Our Clever Prediction

If Marisa Tomei isn’t naked in it, I’m not watching it, plus I already saw Mr. Woodcock, a much better written movie. You can honestly just watch the trailer, there’s not much more to see.