Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)


Crazy, Stupid, Love is a comedy about a man who has to restart in the dating scene after years of marriage. This could be my life story, so I’m not going to mock this plot too much.

The Scoop

Crazy, Stupid, Love is directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, who directed Bad Santa, and it was written by Dan Fogelman, who wrote Tangled, Bolt, and Fred Claus. I don’t know what to make of that. On the one hand, Bad Santa, on the other, Fred Claus. Well, maybe this’ll be closer to Bad Santa.

Cal Weaver seemed to have it all: a good job, loving wife, and happy kids. But when he learns his wife cheated on him, everything falls apart. Cal finds himself single for the first time in a few decades and is spending his time at a bar, sitting alone. He doesn’t know how to woo the ladies and he ends up the protege of a younger man, who shows him the ropes. The younger guy, Jacob Palmer, is a thirty something player who knows how to break hearts. He shows Cal how to buy the right drinks, dress the way women want, and get lucky.

The problem is that Cal was happier before. Even as he has success with dating and picking up women, he longs for the life he had. Eventually, he commits suicide. The end. (last part might not actually happen, but I wanted to lead you down a dark road. A long, dark, lonely road. Filled with regret and STDs.)



Movie Release Date

Crazy, Stupid, Love will be released July 29, 2011.

Who’s In It?

 Emma Stone … Hannah
  Ryan Gosling … Jacob Palmer
  Steve Carell … Cal Weaver
  Kevin Bacon … David Lindhagen
  Marisa Tomei … Kate
  Julianne Moore … Emily Weaver
  Joey King … Molly
  Crystal Reed … Amy Johnson
  Liza Lapira … Liz
  Josh Groban … Richard
  John Carroll Lynch … Bernie Riley
  Analeigh Tipton … Jessica Riley

What’s Good About It?

Steve Carell can be really funny, and Ryan Gosling is just adorable.

What’s Bad About It?

Steve Carell can also be really annoying and Ryan Gosling is just adorable.

Our Clever Prediction

Probably the same numbers as Dinner For Schmucks. It’s essentially the same film. Crazy, Stupid, Love looks like more of the same type of laughs you are accustomed to these days.