Cracks (2010)


Cracks tells the of a group of British boarding school girls and the experiences they share. The film is a Drama, wrapped around a dark mystery regarding the head mistress, the students and the secrets within the confined walls. 

A group of girls at an elite boarding school all compete for the attention of their teacher Miss G. When a beautiful new Spanish student arrives on the scene, the entire power structure that has been in place is interrupted, which could eventually result in tragic consequences.

‘Cracks’ Trailer

The Scoop

Directed by Jordan Scott, Cracks is based on the novel by Sheila Kohler. The story was adapted for the screen by Ben Court and Caroline Ip. The film was already released overseas, and the reason you’ve probably never heard of it is because it didn’t exactly set the world on fire. That said, the trailer looks pretty good. There isn’t a whole lot of experience in the filmmakers, but they have just the right amount to make me confident that the film can be good.

Who’s It For?

It’s currently rated NR, which if I’m not mistaken stands for No Resuscitation. I think that’s a rating.

Movie Release Date

September 10, 2010.

Who’s In It?

Eva Green … Miss G
Juno Temple … Di
María Valverde … Fiamma
Imogen Poots … Poppy
Ellie Nunn … Lily
Adele McCann … Laurel
Zoe Carroll … Rosie

Interesting Fact

Boarding schools, it turns out, are NOT where you go for surf lessons. My parents tricked me.

Related Movies

St. Trinian’s, Never Let Me Go, The Kid’s are alright, Atonement.

What’s Good About It?

Eva Green makes a fair number of interesting choices as an actress, and she’s incredibly talented and beautiful. I’d watch the film just for her, but it doesn’t hurt that it looks pretty interesting. A film combining schoolgirl outfits, lesbians, and the 1930’s? Sign me up.

What’s Bad About It?

Another film about boarding school girls who become lesbians? Haven’t I seen this film a million times? Oh right, those are only on the internet. Never the theater. But how am I supposed to enjoy it with all the people sitting around?

Our Clever Prediction

I’m going to have to guess that the box office for this one won’t be terribly high, but it could turn out to be one of the many fine indie films that people love. I, for one, will see it to see Eva Green and a bunch of English girls in schoolgirl outfits be lesbians.
Fun fact, in the first sentence of this prediction when I wrote “but it,” I had initially had a typo, so it read “butit.” Which is a combination of the word but and tit. I think I’m going to use it as a substitute for the word ‘woman’ from now on. Because I have a great deal of respect for butits everywhere.

This high class preview was written expressly for sir Richard, who commented on my post for Burlesque. You are my inspiration.

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