Country Strong (2011)


Country Strong, which I for the longest time thought was called Country Song, is a drama about an up and coming country singer, a older singer on the comeback, and their touring together, finding success and romance.

Garrett Hedlund, or Sam Flynn as you meganerds know him, is Beau Hutton, the singer on the rise. I bet he croons with the best of them. Gwyneth Paltrow plays Kelly Canter, the singer on the comeback. I recently read that Paltrow felt she was essentially playing Britney Spears, so expect flipflops and crazy to abound. I don’t say that as a negative. I myself am prone to schizophrenia and poor footwear choices. One time I exposed myself to a police officer while wearing Crocs. What was I thinking? Crocs? Man, crazy.

Anyways, Canter finds her husband back in her life, and Hutton finds love with a beauty queen turned singer. I’ve heard they sing their own songs, so get them Oscars ready.

The Scoop

Shana Feste both wrote and directed Country Strong. Her last film was The Greatest, which I just recently saw because of my infatuation with Carey Mulligan. It wasn’t half bad. It had Pierce Brosnan. I fear Country Strong may suffer from a lack of Brosnan, who I think we can all agree seems like a country singer.

I do love the tag line though. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been as long as you come back strong.

It gives me hope. Like it doesn’t matter that I spent a night in jail in Crocs. Just so long as I never spend a minute in Canada. Which, for the record, is the one thing that does matter. If you’ve been there, there ain’t no coming back strong. Der ain’t!



Movie Release Date

January 7, 2011. Technically it was released yesterday, but only in two theaters. I guess for Oscar consideration.

Who’s In It?

Gwyneth Paltrow … Kelly Canter
  Tim McGraw … James Canter
  Garrett Hedlund … Beau Hutton
  Leighton Meester … Chiles Stanton

What’s Good About It?

If you like country, then Country Strong is for you. (better tag line)

What’s Bad About It?

If you have taste, Country Song is not for you. (even better tag line)

Our Clever Prediction

Hard to say. Normally, I’d say that Country Strong will bomb hard, but I’m always surprised by the country audience. I’d barely heard of Garth Brooks, but he’d sold a bajillion records. There may be an audience for this. I just happen to not be one of them. And yes, I am an elitist prick. Thank you for noticing.


  1. Your a Dick dude… This movie was great. I hope you felt like an ass when you saw it.. Your probably just some dumb ass city slicker with no idea what country life is about… Asshole!!!

  2. Canadagirl17,

    I’m Sorry to say, although im a proud texan and grown up to be a Role model For Other people to Say “Only You Only Depict of what you see is wrong in life; not trying to find for what is right.”

    Nothing Wrong with the United States as we are all idealist’s and leader’s for another that always need support.

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