Cougar Hunting (2011)


Cougar Hunting is a raunchy comedy about a group of college guys who travel to Aspen to meet older, successful beautiful women in hopes of getting some.

This film would be better if it was a reality movie about a group of hillbilly hunters with really big guns, and the cast of Sex in the City, out in a forest, with no laws. If man is the best prey, then those women would be the most satisfying. I don’t even like hunting, and I think animal heads mounted on walls is strange, but I would get a horse head like Sarah Jessica Parker and put it over my toilet. Actually it would be mounted next to my toilet so that when I pee the little specks of my pee would splash on her.

The Scoop

Here’s the scoop, at the end of the trailer (below) they actually say that no cougars were harmed during the making of this film. Dear lord. Who gave up on life and wrote THAT line? The film was written and directed by Robin Blazak, who is a woman. Yeah, cause women are always the ones who direct good raunchy comedy. Wait. They’re not. Boys rule, girls drool. (now who’s given up on life?)


Who’s It For?

Hot older women and young guys who don’t realize that if they’re striking out with girls their age they should go YOUNGER.


Oh dear God. The poster.

Movie Release Date

April 8, 2011.

Who’s In It?

There’s actually a guy named Frank Drank in this. That’s not his character’s name. That’s HIS name.
 Matt Prokop … Tyler
  Randy Wayne … Dick Richards
  Jillian Murray … Penelope
  Robin Blazak … Linda
  Vanessa Angel … Ursula
  Lara Flynn Boyle … Kathy
  Jareb Dauplaise … Tom
  Frank Drank … Tattoo

Related Movies

That Justin Bieber movie, cause this is like that, in that both films are crap. I’d say movies like Porky’s or American Pie, but those are practically art compared to Cougar Hunting.

What’s Good About It?

I like that Vanessa Angel is still getting work. She was in the TV version of Weird Science and Kingpin. I always found her endearing.

What’s Bad About It?

Unfortunately, it ISN’T about hunting the Sex and the City women.

Our Clever Prediction

Tank city. No way this makes more than about 12 dollars. And here’s what is nuts. The film supposedly cost 5 MILLION dollars to make. Who did the director sleep with to get that much money? On a side note, I would see it if it was in 3D. Cause 3D just makes things better.


  1. Dude, I’m a sucker for anything that looks like the movie ‘Hotdog’ , I’m checking this out.

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