Cosmopolis (2012)


Cosmopolis is the next film from David Cronenberg. The story follows a young billionaire who goes across the city to get a haircut but ends up in all sorts of trouble as his financial empire may be on the brink of disaster.

Let’s be clear here: Cosmopolis is a David Cronenberg film. Not just a film he’s directing, but one he also wrote the screenplay for. That means it’s fucked up. Seriously whacked. Watch the trailer below and tell me I’m wrong.

So the billionaire goes around the city banging every girl in sight and shoots himself in the hand. Things get… crazy?


Like I said, David Cronenberg is writing and directing. Cosmopolis is based on a novel by Don DeLillo.

Cosmopolis Trailer

Who’s In It?

Robert Pattinson … Eric Packer
Samantha Morton … Vija Kinsky
Jay Baruchel … Shiner
Paul Giamatti … Benno Levin
Kevin Durand … Torval
Juliette Binoche … Didi Fancher
Sarah Gadon … Elise Shifrin
Mathieu Amalric … Andre Petrescu
Emily Hampshire … Jane Melman
Anna Hardwick … Jenn the Photographer
George Touliatos … Anthony
Patricia McKenzie … Kendra Hays
Saad Siddiqui … Photographer 2
Philip Nozuka … Michael Chin
Jadyn Wong … Cathy Lee
Milton Barnes … Videographer

What’s Good About It?

Actually, the trailer is so interesting that I’m going to have trouble not seeing Cosmopolis. The black chick with a super rack doesn’t hurt either.

What’s Bad About It?

Cosmopolis is clearly star Robert Pattinson’s attempt to distance himself from Twilight. I actually feel like it’s almost a joke that his character is going across the city to get a haircut, considering Pattinson is so well known for his stupid Twilight hair.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t expect Cosmopolis to do very well, but if Pattinson does a good job it may actually launch him to level of success and actually make him a decent actor. Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt both did films like Cosmopolis to show they are more than just a pretty face. I don’t think Pattinson has the same acting chops, but it’s possible.